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Is it TTS or something else?

Posted by KarenS on 10/08/04 at 20:40 (161188)

I recently worked at a job for three weeks (3x/week) that involved lots of standing on a concrete floor. I had to quit because it caused severe irritation of the cartilage in my knees (had two lateral releases 12 years ago). Right along with the progression of the aching/pain in my knees, I also began to develope burning ankles. At the height of the knee problem, I developed shooting 'electric-like' pains that traveled from the underside of my knees to my ankles. I'm still in the process of waiting for the cartilage in my knees to settle down, and it seems that when my knees feel a bit better, so do my ankles.

Does this seem more related to my knee problem? Or could it be coincidentally TTS began at the exact same time as the inflammation in my knees?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Is it TTS or something else?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/09/04 at 10:08 (161202)

Consider obtaining an NCV (nerve conduction velocity test) from a neurologist or physiatrist.