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Treatment in Canada ... why?

Posted by Mark Evans on 10/10/04 at 09:22 (161234)

A colleague posted the following question, can anyone provide the answer?
HMO's also often don't pay for prescription orthotic therapy, which is
non-invasive, highly successful, and far less expensive than surgery and
ESWT. But patient's don't travel to Canada for orthotic therapy. Why do US patients travel to Canada for ESWT? Is it less expensive on a fee for
service basis in Canada? Are you saying they are going to Canada in order
to save money on the procedure?

Re: Treatment in Canada ... why?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/11/04 at 14:26 (161289)


ESWT is generally done via low energy in Canada, ie. Sonocur. It is less expensive and does not require anesthesia. Then, factor in a favorable exchange rate.

The Sonocur is available in the US officially FDA indicated for lateral epicondylitis but use 'off label' for PF. Some maintain that 'only' high energy ESWT works; others, including myself have found low energy to be very effective on PF (that tends to be the Canadian and European experience).

Re: Treatment in Canada ... why?

Dr. Z on 10/11/04 at 16:34 (161297)

People are going to Canada to try and save money. If you take the time factor, travel expense I am not so sure there is really a money savings. Each and every patient will have to determine this If a patient is looking for high energy this is limited in Canada.