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Posted by chrisg on 10/10/04 at 17:41 (161253)

I have had great success managing PF with the Saucony grid stabilizer, but I can't wear the sport shoe to work.I am now looking for a shoe to wear to work (anything besides an atheletic shoe--doesn't have to be dressy). I need the good heel stabilizer/support to prevent pronation.I also need good arch support. ANy ideas?

Re: shoes

Suzanne D. on 10/10/04 at 20:52 (161263)

Chris, for me, Birkenstock shoes have the best all-round support. I wear them all the time other than when I wear SAS shoes with Superfeet inserts.

I tried a pair of Danskos after reading about them here, but I found the arch support not enough for me. Now it could be that other styles have more, but since I was ordering and not in a store, I only tried the one pair and sent them back for that reason.

If possible, go to a store which sells Birkenstocks and try them on. There are many different styles, and they definitely do not all fit or feel the same. If that is not possible, you can go to http://www.birkenstockexpress.com or http://www.birkenstockcentral.com and check them out. Read as much as you can to be informed about the different footbeds and styles. You can also request a catalog, and I have found the catalogs to have much useful information as well. Both places will accept returns.

Good luck! Perhaps someone else will have other advice for you based on their experiences. For me, finding arch support has been the most difficult. I have tried on shoes which seemed to be supportive, only bent where the foot bends as is recommended, etc., but the arch support was non-existent or very minimal.

Suzanne :)