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How sad about Christopher Reeve

Posted by Kathy G on 10/11/04 at 09:14 (161275)

Yesterday, I read an interview with him that's in this month's Readers Digest and he mentioned that in the last year, he had had three life-threatening infections. Having just read that interview, I was shocked when I awakened and heard that he died. It was kind of like I just 'talked' to him yesterday.

He was a very brave person with a resilient spirit and I so admired the fact that he used his celebrity to fight for more research and funding for spinal cord injuries. He could have just retreated and used his money and influence to help himself but he put himself out there for others and brought more public awareness to the obstacles that people with spinal cord injuries must overcome. He was courageous and an inspiration to all, a true hero.

Re: How sad about Christopher Reeve

Suzanne D. on 10/11/04 at 10:22 (161279)

I heard the sad news of his death on the radio while I was getting a haircut earlier this morning.

I've thought for some time that Christopher Reeve was truly a 'Superman' in spirit. And, as you said, he didn't let his disability crush that spirit.

The world will miss him.
Suzanne :)

Re: How sad about Christopher Reeve

Pauline on 10/11/04 at 19:49 (161305)

It's too bad that every illness or medical condition can't have their own
celebrity spokesperson. He did a lot to forward neurological research for people with his type of disability. I find it sad though that people who had the same condition had to wait for a celebrity with a similar condition before the push for research was done.

Who knows where the averge Joe's and Janes would be had he not taken the fight for help directly to the researchers. Joe's and Janes could not have gotten through the doors to even plead their case.

I think we find it the same for every severe medical condition. Joes and Janes merely are cries in the night without a celebrity on their side.

Re: How sad about Christopher Reeve

april l on 10/11/04 at 20:42 (161311)

I was shocked and saddened too. To me, it felt like hope died. I really wanted to see him walk again.

Re: How sad about Christopher Reeve

Brocha F. on 10/11/04 at 22:39 (161314)

I know exactly how you feel. I am also deeply saddenned by his passing. It really is an end of an era. With him now passed on, and Rodney Dangerfield last week. Man oh Man where are they all going :(.

-Brocha F.