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post ESTW question docs?

Posted by Lori S. on 10/13/04 at 02:00 (161388)

I am 2 weeks post ESTW. I have noticed a nerve pain in my little toe. In fact I can touch a place on my ankle and send a pain down to that toe. Is this normal?.... Will this go away? Is it due to swelling? ( I do have swelling, so i have been thinking this is a contributing factor, until i was rubbing my feet and hit that place on my ankle, it kinda worried me.)
Thanks for your help docs,,, we all appreciate it,

Re: post ESTW question docs?

Tiger1 on 10/13/04 at 12:39 (161427)

My feet feel much worse after my first ESWT treatment. My feet are burning me more than ever, and my legs ache. I had calf muscle pain for three days after the treatment, but this has eased now. I can not put my feet to the ground now, they feel 'raw' and very very painful. Should i have another ESWT treatment. I read that this treatment is not suitable for people with acute PF, which I have had for four years now. Thank you

Re: post ESTW question docs?

Lori S. on 10/13/04 at 23:48 (161472)


I am not a doc.... but how long ago was your first ESTW? It can take up to 6 months to feel the full affect of the treatment... you should read the heel pain book here online, get more info from your doctor. Hope you feel better...