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DR.Z and DR ED..please reply

Posted by Mel on 10/13/04 at 05:02 (161391)


I have battling (and yes, it feels like a 'war' some days) P.F. for 7 moths and now they think I have TTS, though the NCV showed nothing.

I do not do wall stretches, that brings on the arch pain big time. Like I am 'pulling' on the are of the tarseel tunnel itself. If I pull back on the toes to do the more 'gentle' stretch I suffer the next day with increased symptoms.

All I did this past weekend was bend over at the waist, legs straight, to do some weed pulling. The next day the pain was awful in the arches and the ankel area was very sore and swollen feeling.

Did I re-injure/inflame the TTS? Or the P.F.?? The pain in the left arch is like a burning pain, heel is also very sore. Also the muscles below the knee in the back of the leg felt sore like they had been overstretched.

Please write back, I am desperate. Before this point I even felt I was getting better...slowly. Now back in the 'hurt-locker'.

Re: DR.Z and DR ED..please reply

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/13/04 at 12:47 (161431)

What treatments have you had for PF? You can use Scott's Heel Pain Book as a guide for comparison.