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this is how I finally am getting better!!

Posted by heather on 10/14/04 at 10:58 (161490)

Hey everyone i used to come to this website all the time it is the best .everyone is so supportive and helpful.anyways i had been suffering for almost 2 years w/ plantar fasiitis and it made me cry all the time it hurt and really got in the way. i tried everything stretching.. shots meds.nothing helped much at all and my life felt so limited.i just wanted to write and tell you what i am doing just in case it can help you too.ok well dr. gave me orthotics well i purchased diff ones didnt do much.and new expensive different tennis shoes but i always read so many of you wore birkenstocks my hubby and dr. said no not going to work or help bla bla and didnt want me to get them so i went to famous footwear and got something very similar white mountain sandals look like birkenstocks and have just the right arch.i started to wear them always except for while i sleep or am not walking.i started to notice a difference right away but it took about 2 months for all the pain to start totally going away.i started rubbing my calfs every night with an electric massager and i rub the arch of my foot as well whereever i felt comfort its like it helps all the blood rush and it really has made the hugest difference in my life.i just wanted to make sure you all knew what has helped me in case it will heel you to.hope this helps!take care all.you are all the best!

Re: this is how I finally am getting better!!

Elyse B on 10/14/04 at 11:25 (161495)

can you tell us which shoes speciifcally?


Re: this is how I finally am getting better!!

Linda V on 10/16/04 at 06:31 (161634)

congrats. its so good to hear from people that are finding relief. gives the rest of us hope. i think i am coming along ok..just got to be patients with myself. i also rub my calfs and feet a LOT..and i believe that blood rush and warming them up helps, especially first thing in the morning. never tried the electric massager (but i have one)..so maybe will add that too. good luck!

Re: this is how I finally am getting better!!

bryant c on 10/20/04 at 20:28 (161869)

Failure to abandon elastic top stockings is a big detriment ! Restricts
blood flow ,so vitally needed. Cut the tops off.