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Federation of State Medical Boards notes danger exists.

Posted by Pauline on 10/14/04 at 11:41 (161498)

Those seeking medical advice on the Internet may fall victim to bad medical advice proffered by non-physicians, unlicensed physicians, or other assorted quacks operating in cyberspace. On occasion, several states have apprehended persons practicing medicine over the Internet without a valid medical license.

Dr. James Winn, Executive Vice President of the Federation of State Medical Boards, notes that: 'Doctors who have lost their licenses or didn't complete their training can hide in cyberspace . . . and cause serious [*PG462]harm.

Re: Federation of State Medical Boards notes danger exists.

john h on 10/14/04 at 13:03 (161505)

Pauline I sure would not disagree with your post. As patients it is up to us to separate the chaff from real information. Even when we meet our Doctors face to face most of us do not know just how qualified he is or how accurate his/her diagnosis will be. The net makes us aware of treatments and meds we may not be aware of so serves a very good purpose. How many of us would have ever heard about ESWT without the internet. None of the Doctors in my city ever mentioned it to me. How many of would have learned of the dangers of a PF release had not many of our posters told us there stories. It seems I learn somehting new on a weekly basis just on PF alone. I can then do my research and be prepared to ask my Doctor some intelligent questions. If I had not have had internet access I would now be living with two artifical joints in the great toe and two complete releases of the fasica of the feet.

Re: Federation of State Medical Boards notes danger exists.

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/14/04 at 21:31 (161548)

Pauline and John:

Absolutely -- one must become internet savvy. we live in the information age but information is not knowledge; knowledge is not necessarily wisdom.

Licensing is a 'screening' mechanism but not without imperfections. One only has to have been around the ESWT board long enough to see the influence of medical politics on decision making. And this is for one modality and one medical problem!

Re: Federation of State Medical Boards notes danger exists.

Pauline on 10/15/04 at 08:14 (161566)

Dr. Ed,
A recent gov. survey found that 85% of people seeking health information via the internet are concerned about getting information from an unreliable source.

Checking for current medical license and credentials tops their list to help protect the consumer.

For articles and papers its check the source and credentials of the authors.

Every medical society would tell a reader the samething. Physically the consumer must do their own checking.

Re: Federation of State Medical Boards notes danger exists.

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/15/04 at 14:31 (161593)

Yes, it helps. But consider the different philosophies and agendas we have encounterd just among the 'licensed.' Dr. Kiper may take a different approach than Dr. Z and the approach of Dr. Sandell being even more different...