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Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Posted by Angela on 10/14/04 at 12:08 (161500)

Hey Everyone,

Give a look at http://www.heel-that-pain.com . I had SUFFERED for 2 years with plantars fascitis and the resultant bone spurs in my heels. Could barely walk more than a few steps without terrible pain. Was wrapping cloths around the middle of my foot and wearing open heeled clogs just to try and keep pressure off my heel! Well, I was skeptical but went ahead anyway and ordered these $24.95 heel inserts designed by a group of podiatrists. After all the money I'd spent on doctors, xrays, custom shoe inserts and calcium supplements (the calcium did help to correct my right heel spur but did nothing for the left one--see EZorb website if interested), I thought, 'What is $25 more to risk?' Besides, there was a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Several pro athletes also gave endorsements.

I got the heel inserts and IMMEDIATELY had relief!! I hardly know how to act! I have been walking everywhere with just a slight bit of soreness (which others who gave testimonials on the website say goes away in a few days). I have my life back again!

If you are suffering like I was, I truly hope this product will help you.

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

DonnaG on 10/15/04 at 12:20 (161586)

Is this an advertisement or do these things really work? I have had pf for 1 1/2 years and I am looking for some relief. My $400 orthodics do not seem to have done much good. I was verrry disappointed. Just curious if anyone else has used them and if they helped them at all.

Re: Question for Angela

dud on 10/15/04 at 13:13 (161588)

Is this like an orthotic where it provides arch support or is it more of a heel pad? How much arch support does it have?

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

melinda s on 10/17/04 at 15:03 (161688)

I had no success with Orthodics whatsoever...biggest waste of $600.00 I ever had...I cured this problem with Physical Therapy..fortunately in my area at Thomas Hand therapy in Mooresville, NC there is a PT there by the name of Christina that works on Heel Spurs...etc all the time..and she cured this..this is not something that goes away easily..get a night splint...and ice them down, and take a anti inflammatory..

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Lynn F. on 10/17/04 at 19:31 (161705)

When I initially developed PF, I got the HTP heel seats. I have very high arches, and for me, they did not work. I should add that my PF is chronic and I've had every treatment short of surgery. So far.. nothing has 'Healed the Pain'.

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Dorothy on 10/17/04 at 20:11 (161707)

Lynn F - I'm so glad that you posted about this because ever since Angela posted so positively about this product, I have been returning to their website wondering, wondering, wondering....
Do you recall your experience with this HTP product and whether they fit in a regular shoe or do they make your regular shoes feel too tight/too short as some insoles/inserts can do?

Your comments are appreciated.

I did find that the short section on the HTP website that Angela shared had some nice illustrations of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon/foot-leg and also some good descriptions of some stretches.

Thanks again -

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Lynn F. on 10/17/04 at 20:42 (161708)

Hi Dorothy - I was able to use them in sneakers and slip ons and they didn't affect the fit. I recall that the website was informative and the testimonials were positive. If your PF is not severe they may help you. I had ESWT 2 weeks ago and am limited to the amount of stretching I can do. It's still very sore. Good luck.

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Janice C on 10/25/04 at 00:21 (162076)

I am in AGREEMENT with Angela!!!!!! I bought the HTP heel seats on her recommendation because I have steadily deteriorated over the years, much faster this year than ever (age 52). I was actually eyeing the electric shopping carts at Wal-Mart. Getting depressed. My custom orthotics uncomfortable. Had endoscopic plantar fasciotomy last July in right foot, planned on doing left foot soon. I had my doubts about the heel seats, also ordered the bio-gels at the same time. Got the gels first, no luck. Got the heel seats, they form their own arch, so my best experience was to put them in my lace-up Ropers, low heel, very firm soles, lots of toe room, cushioned flat insole. Put them in the boots, they are marked right & left. I was in shock. I had written a diary of my burning soles a couple days before, and how 3 toes on each foot are numb all the time. I had tried to do my shopping, could not stand in 1 place when in line to check out, had to constantly shift from 1 foot to other. Came home in tears, took me most of the day to try & shop, could not finish due to the pain. So got home that evening the HTP's came in the mail. It was unbelievable. No burning! The next day my feet felt a little better. Every day is a small improvement. I expect it to take some time, will let you all know how it is going. I am praying to the Lord Jesus this is the answer. I am off my pain meds also- I am not 100%, but ANY improvement was better than what I was going through. I cancelled my left foot surg. Also have a morton's neuroma in both feet, but I got out of the shower & felt what I thought was the cat's tail under my right toes & jumped! I was feeling the fuzzy rug for the first time in months! One person had said these heel seats just elevate your foot. I disagree. I would not have used them if that was the case, he is right, that would not help. The actual part that goes under the heel is thin. The seats have a bar that from the diagram on their website looks like it supports the bone that forms the arch. It is uncomfortable at first, but I also have a high pain threshold, and after the other pain, this is minor discomfort in trade for the relief of burning & numbness. I actually went shopping and though my feet were aching & tired, I was happy, & the next day, my feet were good to go- before, if I continued on my feet, I suffered 2 weeks & had to take extra NSAID's which I am afraid have given me an ulcer. I have hope again. They are worth a try & have a money-back guarantee. I tried to wear them in my Reebocks,but I am unable to tolerate them well right now. Maybe it will get better & I will be able to go to the Reebocks. I used to grieve over not being able to wear pretty dress shoes, now, who cares as long as I can walk without that terrible pain. I have drawers of insoles, orthotics. I have spent $$$$ on Drs & this surgery not to mention Mephisto shoes, which are 100 times better than Birks to me (Birks are too flat for me). So I was willing to try this $25 insert. I hope it helps other people too-I am still in shock myself after all these years of pain to be rid of 75% of it. Thank the good Lord!!!!!!! I hope it helps someone else. THANK YOU ANGELA for telling me about your experience with them. You are a God-send. (I am posting this on several of the questions I have been reading, so it is repeated. I know it may not help everyone, but I am so glad I tried them-I could kiss the guy who invented them)Also thanks so much to this website, you all are wonderful). Janice C

Re: Relief for Heel Spur Pain

Angela on 12/16/04 at 17:38 (165776)

Gee, everyone...I am so sorry I posted and then never checked back. But I am SOOOO glad Janice got relief from reading my recommendation and ordering the 'Heel That Pain' inserts. I am 2 months into wearing them and am totally pain free! It is actually reversing the condition of PF which I had in BOTH feet for about 3 years (podiatrist diagnosed after x rays). I had tried expensive custom-made orthotics to no avail. The condition was getting so bad I could barely walk anywhere. But after 2 months of wearing the inserts, I can even walk sometimes barefooted in my house without pain (won't make a habit of it, but before the inserts, walking barefoot was out of the question).

I noticed someone said the inserts didn't work for them. All I can do is echo what Janice said--they HAVE worked for me!! I would say to anyone suffering like I was--$25 is not so much to spend to see if these inserts will work for you. And they come with a money-back guarantee if they don't. Don't worry--I don't work for the company. It is not a multi-level marketing scheme! :-) I just want to help anyone I can 'cause I know what it is to hurt.