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Posted by jeannie m on 10/14/04 at 15:54 (161516)

Does anyone know if dansco clogs are good to wear with plantar fascitis ?A physical therapist recommended them in my eary pf stages as well as a pf recovered hair dresser . I am not sure if they would be right.

Re: shoes

Rose Moore on 10/21/04 at 22:45 (161950)

Hi Jeannie,
I recently purchased Dansko clogs, (not open in the back). My first week, I wore them a little at a time, and increased the time gradually. This is my third week. It helps my heel pain at work, but I find now that I am putting more pressure on the ball of my left foot, causing me discomfort.
For now, I think they were worth the price. But a co-worker of mine took hers back after a few days; she didn't want to bother gradually easing into them.

I have had PF for just over 3 years. I have been thru all the cortisone shots, have orthotics, do the stretching, warmth in the morning, ice at night. I am a nurse, so standing on the hard floors all day, and sometimes including all night too, aggravate the feet. Sometimes I'm on my feet 15 to 17hrs/day) Then they take extra long to try to 'recover'. I can't consider surgery right now, as I can't miss work (husband is medically disabled, so I'm the primary breadwinner). My podiatrist also told me that the surgery (not ESWT) is only about 60% successful, but could also make it worse. My insurance won't pay for the ESWT and I was told that costs in the thousands.

So I go day by day. I was on Vioxx for 2 years, but it caused me to have slightly elevated BP and swollen legs. Came off it in August. Celebrex/Bextra didn't help. On top of it all I also have Fibromyalgia.

Let me know how you do...

Re: shoes

Cathy G. on 10/22/04 at 12:14 (161988)

Dear Rose, I am a nurse too. I work in the recovery room, and am on my feet for most of my shift. I am 1 week post ESWT(if insurance denies it, I will be paying 2200.00 for both feet). My doc told me I could work, but I would be sore, and I am. I am wearing birkenstock clogs for half the shift, and then new balance sneakers with cork or soft arch supports for the second half. (my custom made orthotics hurt) . I have a bunch of danskos, which I loved in the past, but right now I find they seem to dig in and hurt the area in front of my heel.
I have been doing the stretching, but my calves are so tight, it has been difficult. A coworker who is a massage therapist just massaged my calves(deeply), and I actually feel a bit better.
Good luck to you

Re: shoes

Rose M. on 10/22/04 at 19:16 (162003)

Thank you for the response. Do you mean New Balance that is made with cork? or is it a separate support that is made of cork? I have Merrell sandals that I love, but am afraid to wear them in the Cath Lab...I've had heavy objects fall on my toes, or have banged them in the past!....I'll keep looking for comfy shoes....I was hopeful with the Danskos, but today, had to stand for 4 and 1/2 hrs straight without a break or sitting and they really hurt the ball of both feet....

Thanks again, and good luck to you too!

Re: shoes

jeannie m on 10/23/04 at 02:06 (162010)

Cathy and rose. Thanks for the dansko feedback. I am wearing them around the house for now. I am finding this footwear issue to be such a problem. Custom othodics or dr scholls?. which work shoe to wear ? Put the othodics in or take them out !! I am constantly juggling these questions all night at work. I don't think i would be wearing the danskos waitressing but just around for errands etc. I am thinking maybe the work shoes i just paid 60.00 for are too wide and maybe my foot is moving around too much in them causing more ankle pain. My calves are very tight also. I need slip resistant shoes which limits my shoe options. I, like you have pain if the arch is too high. As far as the e.s.w.t. goes i had mine done through united shockwave with the dornier machine. the way it works is that if they can get insurance to pay for it in a appeal then i owe nothing. If insurance does not pay for it it costs me only what i owe my doctor which is 750.00 total to have both feet done. Anyhow it has been 4 1/2 weeks and i am not doing any better yet and am trying to take a little time off to help. My problem has seemed to go from my feet to my ankles now though. Well thanks for the message anyhow and let's keep hoping for a break from all this.

Re: shoes

Lori S. on 10/23/04 at 04:07 (162015)


I had a problem with orthotics. Tried several, they all hurt my feet. Have you tried Birkenstocks? They are the only shoe I seem to be able to wear since my pf has been so bad.

I know the docs say orthotics will help, but so far theres not been a pair that has helped me. They intensify pain dramatically. My podiatrist finally gave up on me wearing orthotics too. I think everyone is different, maybe some of us are not meant to have orthotics. I know my feet are much happier without.

Hope to hear from you soon...... and wishes for a painfree day tomorrow,

Re: shoes

Pauline on 10/23/04 at 13:50 (162022)

Thank you for your explaination on how United Shockwave seems to be handling costs. This was a topic a while back and your explaination seems to tell readers exactly what is going on.

Re: shoes

Cathy G. on 10/24/04 at 09:37 (162057)

Rose: I am sorry about the mixup. I insert cork-type inserts I bought through, I believe, footsmart.com.
Good luck