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MBT shoes

Posted by josh on 10/14/04 at 17:37 (161529)

Any doctors familiar with these shoes from Switzerland? I bought a pair today and they do, as advertised, strongly encourage one to walk erect and with a shorter, less jarring stride. They may help, as the folks at the shop claim, with foot problems as they have a radical rocker bottom sole that simulates walking on a forgiving, forest-floor surface. The shopkeepers said that workers of all types were snapping them up faster than they could order them. This was in Norfolk, Virginia. Apparently they are popular in Europe among physiotherapists.

They may be of particular value to those with hallux rigidus as the design produces a rolling over the toes at terminal stance. However, my concern, and I'd like any opinions on this, is that removing the necessity to flex the toes in order to advance the step bypasses the windlass mechanism and might, in the long-term be a bad thing - compromising the passive support mechanisms of the foot and allowing a 'loose-packed' foot during late stance phase.

They are billed as 'trainers' and not, I think, to be worn continually, but only as a proprioceptive and gait training device. In this case, alternated with normally flexible shoes, they may be of great benefit to some. Any thoughts?