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Posted by Pat on 10/14/04 at 23:31 (161561)

I'm scheduled for an open plantar fasciotomy (spelling) with heel spur resection on November 3rd. One thing I forgot to ask the doctor is when the stitches will come out. I know it sounds crazy but the thing that's bothering me most is not being able to take a shower without putting alot of effort into it (I live by myself) or doing the plastic bag thing. The last time I had this surgery (ten years ago) I didn't want anything touching my foot and I can't remember when the stitches came out or even what happened post surgery.

Re: Stitches

Dr. Z on 10/15/04 at 07:42 (161564)

Hi Pat,
Stitches at least two weeks Healing time six months to one year. Cast may be used 10 days up to six weeks depending on surgeon. Try order Xero Socks . Will keep you foot and cast dry

Re: Stitches

Pat on 10/19/04 at 22:42 (161817)

The doctor told me I would have a soft cast for about 3 weeks and then a walking boot for 3 weeks. Of course I know things can happen. I had this surgery 10 years ago and every possible thing that could go wrong did! I'm taking a month off from work and taking it easy. I think that was part of the problem last time. Just the thought of having foot surgery is making me sick! After the bad experience last time it's the last thing I wanted to do.

Re: Stitches

Margie W on 10/24/04 at 10:01 (162058)

I had mine out 19 days after the surgery. My surgery was on 10/1/04. I am still getting around on crutches, putting more pressure on the foot each day. The skin on my foot is shedding. The doctor said I can't put anything on it for another week. The bottom of my foot is numb. This is a strange sensation.
Can't wait to lose the crutches.

Re: Stitches

Pat on 10/26/04 at 16:13 (162210)

Yikes! Did the doctor give you a soft cast or something? The last time I didn't have crutches but used a walker for a few days or so before I put the cast on (this was 10 years ago so my memory is fuzzy). I don't even think I had them in for 19 days. This Pod told me the incision is only 2 inches long (last time they did 2 inches on one side of my foot and 3 or 4 on the other). I can't even remember but I'm wondering how you're taking a shower if you can't stand without the crutches (you can email me at (email removed) if you want). I know this is crazy but that bothers me more than the thought of the surgery! LOL!

Re: Stitches

patti m on 11/04/04 at 23:03 (162997)

i had the pf & tts release sept 27. i had my stitches for 15 days. i was in a short cast for 2 wks then put into a walking boot for 4 wks. i am returning to the doc on nov 9 and suppose he will take me out of the boot at that time. i am not sure if i'll be able to wean from it though, as i still can't fit a shoe comfortably on my foot due to the slight swelling and it seems as though my bones have not tightend back into place due to the ligaments that are still healing. i found it alot easier to take a bath vs the shower. i used a small step stool in the front of the tub to help support my weight with my good foot to lower and raise myself & then i could prop my cast on it as i bathed. if all else fails, you can always 'carefully' bring the crutches into the shower with you if needed. it was extremely difficult for me to shower b/c i was afraid i'd lose my balance and it got very painful on my good leg from putting all my weight on it. i am now able to slightly walk with one crutch and a cushioned slipper on a few steps without much pain so that is a wonderful improvement for me. good luck to you and try not to get too discouraged during your recovery. this has been a very good support site for me. thanks to everyone's advice.

Re: Stitches

Pat on 11/05/04 at 12:39 (163028)

The Dr. told me the stitches would be out in about 15 days. They did give me this shower thing with a pump to pump all the air out of the shower bag to take a shower. I'm not pushing anything now and I'm really waiting until I feel better or someone is in the house with me to take a shower. It's only been 2 days and I would love to jump in the shower now! LOL! I'm in a cast up to my knee but I'm using the Roll-A-Bout and that has been wonderful. I don't have any pain yet but I'm also not walking. I just want enough to heal before I start putting any pressure on anything. I had this same surgery 10 years ago and everything that could go wrong did - this time from the beginning it's better. I know I'm taking it day by day but it's so completely different from the last time where I spent weeks on the couch crying in so much pain that I have a positive attitude on this. I know I may be jumping the gun but I'm praying for the day where there is NO PAIN and I can walk and take a shower with no help.

Re: Stitches

Chris S on 11/07/04 at 17:41 (163173)

I had my surgery on Oct 16,2004. I had three incision. One on top of my foot, one on side of my foot and then one on the side of my leg up by the knee. I had the stitches in the top of my foot and the one on my leg last week. I will get the stitches out on the side of my foot this week. I had the same surgery done on my left foot in March of 2004. It was not a good one got a real bad infection in the incision on my side foot. Was put on my back for 3 weeks this was about 3 weeks after surgery. I never had a cast on either foot. The doctor gave me a thing that you slide over your foot and then it sealed at the top with a piece of rubber on it. It was a neat thing. With the first surgery he gave me nothing to walk with and just a orthodic shoe. This time I got a cane and a boot. Was a little bit eaisier (When I remember to use the kane).I am still using it with my right foot. I still get a lot of stinging and burning in my left foot still do not have a lot of strength in it. But do not have the pain I was having. My right foot has a lot of numbness to it yet on the left side of the foot also stinging and burning. Just am trying to give it time to heal. I was told at the begining that it would take 12 ot 18 months for it to heal all the way..Well little to say am waiting for that time. Good luck to all.

Re: Stitches

Ryan S on 11/02/06 at 15:42 (214813)

Dr. Z,

Don't you think that Seal Tight is a better product than the Xero Socks. Much better if you ask me.

Ryan S.
Kansas City, MO.