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What if I quick wearing orthotics all toghether??

Posted by dud on 10/15/04 at 13:23 (161589)

As I sit here on Friday eagerly awaiting the weekend..I have a question for anyone. Has anyone tried to stop wearing orthotics all together. I am not planning on doing this, but just thought what might happen. I actually have a co-worker who suffered from PF for a year who wore orthotics the whole time. He quit wearing them and swears he has no pain now.

I have suffered from PF for nearly 2 years. I have had ESWT in both feet and my heels feel relatively better but I cannot find a good fitting orthotic. My physician is supposed to be writing a prescription to a C. Ped but haven't received it yet.

I have high arches and when I take my orthotics off and take a few steps in my shoes without orthodics, I feel a hard pressure on my heel but no pain in the arch. When I wear the orthotic, I have pain in the arch and no pain in the heel??

In theory, by not wearing orthotics I wonder if this could lead to MORE foot problems?

Just some general rambling....any thoughts??

Re: What if I quick wearing orthotics all toghether??

dud on 10/15/04 at 13:24 (161590)

Quick = Quit!!

Re: What if I quick wearing orthotics all toghether??

Kathy G on 10/17/04 at 10:41 (161674)

Well, Dud, I can't speak from experience because I would die without my orthtotics but I'm not cured. My son, who is cured, doesn't go without his orthotics very often. He doesn't dare chance it. But his orthotics feel good and yours don't.

My husband knows someone who had PF and no longer wears orthotics so I guess it can be done.

I think, based on absolutely no expertise :), that you should go to the C.Ped and see if you can get some orthotics that will feel comfortable. My Pod believes, and he does have the knowledge I lack, that if after a reasonable amount of break-in time, orthotics hurt, then they are probably doing more harm than good.

Good luck and I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Re: Richard, C.Ped..what is your opinion on this.

dud on 10/19/04 at 19:48 (161806)

Hypothetically, once someone wears orthotics for a couple of years, is it possible to 'wean' someone off of them.

I have very high arches and all orthotics I have tried (including 2 custom pairs) kill my arches. I have experimented 'lightly' by walking 100 yards or so in tennis shoes without orthotics and they feel much much better than my shoes with orthotics.

Will I do more damage if I walk around without orthotics or could my arches be strengthened enough to walk without them.

Again..I am not planning on doing this..just asking!!

Re: Richard, C.Ped..what is your opinion on this.

Richard, C.Ped on 10/20/04 at 08:20 (161830)

I guess anything is possible. I have to say, if they are ever made correctly, you will not want to go without them. We have so many people in them that do not have any foot problems. They just like the support they get while wearing them.

I is very possible more damage could occur. The arch is already stretching the fascia. When you step without support, it is really pulling on that thing, stretching even more.

I hope these work:

High Arch: http://www.geocities.com/palmetto_pedorthic_care/HighArch2.JPG

High Arch with support: http://www.geocities.com/palmetto_pedorthic_care/HighArch.JPG

I truly wish I lived closer to everyone. Grrrrrr!!!

Re: Richard, C.Ped..what is your opinion on this.

Pete on 10/31/04 at 07:07 (162607)

Give it a try and see what happens