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Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by RichardV79 on 10/15/04 at 14:35 (161594)


I went and saw my phsyician last week and he mentioned hapadinc.com as a possiblity for using inserts.

I am sure I have really bad plantar fasciitis, and I'm a big athlete. Is this going to work, or is there something else out there I can use/do?

I've been using them for a few days now, and it has improved a little, but not a lot...

Any suggestions?


Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Lori S. on 10/19/04 at 23:26 (161819)

I would suggest reading the heel pain book, making an appointment with a foot doctor of some kind and getting things going to begin the healing process - if it is PF. Its a long recovery for some people and being an athletic person, I would guess you are re-injuring it constantly. I am not a doc... just a fellow sufferer of pf.. what else have you tried for treatments?
best wishes,

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

David R on 10/29/04 at 22:29 (162450)

I am a Individual with PF. The best solution I have found is the right Orthotics. I first got hard orthotics which was a wast of money. I then go lucky and found someone that had been making orthotics for 25 years. He made my first pair out of soft materials. The Orthotics last about a year for most people. Depends on how much you use them. The other critical solution is your shoes. You need good shoes not necessarily expensive shoes. They need to be changed out before they break down wheather you have the orthotics or not. Any shoe should be changed out in 6 months or less. I wear New Balance 556 walking shoe and change it out no later than 4 months. The reason I say the shoes. I was doing much better and because I did not take care of the shoe issue. I went backwards some. I am not going to try the Night splints which I have been told by the gentlemen that makes my orthotics has a high success rate also. So as long as I change out my shoes and orthotics in a reasonalbe time I should get better again. I hope the Night Splints will work some also. I have been dealing with this problem for several year.

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