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For Ed Davis, DPM or others re: breaking in Birkenstocks

Posted by Joiner on 10/15/04 at 18:16 (161610)


Although this is addressed to Ed, I'd appreciate help from anyone who might have some experiences or information about Birkenstock arch supports in general and the BirkoBalance support in particular.

I noticed your (Ed's) positive comments about Birkenstocks in another thread. I have plantar fasciitis and had seen a good bit of improvement with use of the PowerSteps, reaching a point where I had only mild heel discomfort in the mornings. Hoping to get even more relief, I began looking for a more aggressive over the counter arch support as sort of an appropriate 'next step'. Like you, it appeared to me that the Birkenstocks were a really quality product at a reasonable price.

Therefore, I purchased a pair of BirkoBalance arch supports and am in the initial few days of breaking them in. They felt wonderful when I tried them on and provided a welcome bit of extra 'push' or 'pressure' under my arch; substantially more than I feel with my PowerSteps.

After 3 or 4 days of wearing them about 2 hours per day they still feel good while wearing them with just a bit of soreness as my foot adjusts to the various 'bumps and shapes' characteristic of Birkenstocks. Having been warned that they require a bit of breaking in, this hasn't really bothered me. However, the one thing that concerns me is that after removing them from my shoes and putting back in my PowerSteps, my heels and arches begin to hurt a bit and seem a bit sore in places that had not been sore before. In addition, the initial heel pain in the morning seems to have become a bit worse than when I wore just the PowerSteps.

I'm willing to endure a little short term set back in return for long term gain but I could use a bit of reassurance at this point. Do you have any thoughts or insights including:

1. What is the normal break in time for these deep arch supports?
2. Is indeed soreness and some modest pain an acceptable part of the process?

In short, I need a little help in discerning what is just normal discomfort and what might indicate that these particular inserts just might not be for me. I've searched the archives and found a number of references to this issue but they didn't seem to get too specific.


Re: For Ed Davis, DPM or others re: breaking in Birkenstocks

Tom H on 10/24/04 at 22:10 (162070)


See my post to: 'looking for some information', four questions above this one.