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motons neuroma and TTS

Posted by john on 10/15/04 at 19:59 (161619)

I was just wondering if it was possible to have a mortons neuroma in both feet, and if so is it common for the symptons of a mortons neuroma to mimic TTS. my first doc a ped. is convinced it is TTS an sugests surgery for release, he also is going by the results of a MRI neg for PF or any injuries, and an EMG that suggests TTS from some type of entrapment. I wannted a second opinion before i proceeded with any surgery and i went to a sports med doc, very well respected in the area as well and he seems to believe it may be a morton s neuroma mainly because he heres a clicking between my 3-4 toes and my pain is really isolated to that area and my ball of my foot. I tried cortisone shots in that area and in my tarsael tunnel area and really no possitive results. I am really confused and would greatly apprecieate any advice. Thanks everyone. Peace

Re: motons neuroma and TTS

Darlene on 10/15/04 at 21:38 (161625)

Perhaps you could have a second opinion from another radiologist on your MRI to see if a morton's neuroma shows.


Re: motons neuroma and TTS

DONNA M on 10/18/04 at 09:55 (161725)

i have been having alot of pain in the ball of my foot and toes. it feels like something wants to come out and i cant run or hardley walk for what the pain comes and goes. i had a ultra sound and e-rays and the dr. which i see this week again is talking about shots. i do not want to have surgery for i have heard some awful things about that it never heels and doesnt get any better. but i also have heard that to many shots which this is 7 series. could ruin the bone tissues in my foot. so i guess i just need to hear what to do. please help.
donna m