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SS disability for TTS?

Posted by john on 10/15/04 at 20:02 (161620)

I am a 34 y/o self employeed carpenter who has no disability insurance. I was wondering if anyone has heard of SS disability bennifits for people suffering with TTS. I am only looking for some hopefully temp assistance untill i can get back to work. any advice. Thank You everyone. Peace

Re: SS disability for TTS?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/16/04 at 00:40 (161629)

Yes. But you may need the assistance of an attorney that specializes in diability law -- it can be a difficult area to navigate without some guidance.

Re: SS disability for TTS?

marie on 10/17/04 at 13:55 (161679)

I second Dr. Ed's comment. I have two family members on disability because of serious health conditions. They will both tell you to get an attorney. It is worth whatever you will have to spend. You can plan on waiting a while for this to all happen........just trying to give you the reality of it all.

Re: SS disability for TTS?

Pauline on 10/17/04 at 17:12 (161693)

I've had people who work in the system tell me everyone is automatically turned down the first time they apply. Protocol I guess or maybe just a way to discourage the average person. I don't know if this is always true in every case, but this is what I was told. I'd like to believe there are many acceptions, but in cases I've seen it seems to hold very true inspite of great documentation and recommendations by other social agencies and physicians.

Immediately following the rejection hire an attorney. Since the wait between the first attempt and the time an attorney gets you before a judge is often about a year the disability payments are sometimes made retroactive. A good attorney can help make this happen. The attorney will sometimes take their fee from that.

I've seen this happen a few times with people that I've been involved with because of other matters. SS disability was only one form of help that they needed.

Does it hold true for everyone I can't say, but I do know having an excellent, experienced attorney who handles SS disability helps tremendously. Having good documentation and physicians to back you is also very valuable.

Best of luck, I hope you get it.

Re: SS disability for TTS?

BudP on 10/17/04 at 23:39 (161712)

It's very hard to get. The only time you're not turned down the fisrt time you apply is for tatal blindness and ternial illness. A woman at SS told me that,I see no reason for her to lie. All SS attornies work for a comtingency id Florida. There is a maximum of 5000.00 or less based on the amount.Some people go years before it is awarded,and it is back dated so there can be a considerable amount of money. A person has to beunable to work for 6 months and expect to be out another 6 months to qualify.There are about 10 people in my group pain therapy that are on total SS disability. Everyone of them had to hie an attorney. Good Luck.

Re: SS disability for TTS?

john on 10/18/04 at 08:24 (161719)

Thank you for taking the time to reply, i really appreciate it. are they all collecting for TTS and how long did it they have to wait from the time they first applied to the first check, on average?

Re: SS disability for TTS?

Pauline on 10/18/04 at 14:06 (161733)

The people I know that applied were not cases of TTS. They were a variety of disabbilities. From the time that they first applied, secured an attorney and got their first check it seem to me to be close to a year.

Fortunately the judge in each of these cases did make their payment retroactive to their first application so their first check was a large one which of course from which they paid their attorneys.

The people I was involved with were also involed with other social services agencies, had documentation from those agencies and from attending physicians.

What I found interesting is that when they each applied all this documentation seem sooooo important. They had enough papers to paper walls in a home, but when the attorney took them before the judge it took less than 10 minutes to settle everything. In other words very few words were exchanged and perhaps the judge already had the paper work. I don't know but their day in court was very short. I will tell you, however, more than one had their hearing postponed a least once. Maybe it was because the attorney couldn't make it or maybe something with cases backed up but it happened so just be prepared if it should happen to you. Don't get excited or too angry. Time moves slow with SS and the judicial system.