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Post ESTW - 16 days

Posted by Lori S. on 10/16/04 at 03:00 (161633)

I am not quite sure how people go back to work after having this done. My sympathy goes to anyone who is not able to take it easy after ESTW. I know I personally wouldnt be able to do it. Its been a rough 48 hours. Last night I was up until 2 am.... kinda like shin-splint pain, but in my ankles and up my leg.
Tonight I took my daughter to the store to pick up her bday cake...shes having a party tomorrow and thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Its strange how it comes on sometimes, earlier today I was fine. I think I have been overdoing things. But I wonder too if its not the change in the weather. I noticed alot of pain last spring, whenever a cold front came through.
I have been having a pain. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. I am a little worried. The only way to describe it... is nerve related. It shoots from my ankle to my little toe. It seems worse now that its been cooler. Maybe theres pressure on a nerve due to having the ESTW done- swelling?

Time to go and put my feet up on my pillow..... try to rest...... Thank you everyone for being here...for providing information to help others......

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

jeannie m on 10/16/04 at 09:06 (161638)

I am 30 days post eswt and tonight is my last waitressing shift for 24 days at least. I am in unbelievable pain in my feet and ankles and wonder if it will ever get better. I don't feel like it's nerve related just that my feet KILL me and even feel sprained. Hopefully this is the cavatation they talk about. My doctor has been away and i will see him next week and see what he says. You are not alone!!!!

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

Dr. Z on 10/16/04 at 11:02 (161641)

Hi Jeannie,

I find alot of people have other tendon problems in addition to plantar fasciosis. Your pain could be from the achilles tendon, peroneal tendon,
posterior tibial tendon etc. This is why it is important to address the entire lower extremity before ESWT and after ESWT. The cavitational effect has nothing to do with your present pain. Are you taping your feet, wearing support shoes with orthosis if needed, stretching if needed,
using heat and or ice if instructed. I find that taping the feet in the arch area with coban is helpful. Keeps us updated

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

Tina H on 10/16/04 at 12:13 (161642)

Dr. Z- I think the problem is that for some of us, and thankfully I believe we are in the minority, the pain is suddenly so much worse after ESWT, that although it might not be from the cavitational effect we do associate it with ESWT.
Jeannie, hang in there. I know I was pretty freaked out with how much worse I felt after the ESWT. Immediately after having it done, I had thought I made a big mistake and was very scared. Thankfully in a few weeks the pain did go back to the pre ESWT, but now at 11 weeks it's better than before, but I'm cetainly not cured yet. I still have a lot of pain cetain days, like today, although I have more good days and each week overall seems to be better than the week before. Good Luck, hope you improve soon! Tina H

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

Dr. Z on 10/16/04 at 12:36 (161643)

I appreciate the pain, but after evaluating ESWT for a few years I don't think that it is entirely the procedure that is causing this increased pain over weeks to months. I think it is because there is increased activitely by the patients, occupational overuse, other tendon problems assoicated with the orginal pf. But what is most important is an over expectation of complete relief immediately. This does happen but the norm is gradual improvement.
Without knowing any of the posters or seeing their feet pre and post ESWT it is very difficult to determine the cause. I wish I could add more difinite information to this topic

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

jeannie m on 10/16/04 at 14:07 (161645)

Dr. z, If i do have some tendonitis and I take some time off from work will it help? when i eventually start taking antiinflammotories will that help it also ? I had been doing the bike at the gym but stopped. Could that or night splints cause the tendonitis?

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

jeannie m on 10/16/04 at 14:09 (161646)

thank you dr z for trying to help me out !!!

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

jeannie m on 10/16/04 at 14:10 (161647)

Thank you dr. z for trying to help me out !!!!

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

Dorothy on 10/16/04 at 15:21 (161654)

I think that thanks are due to you, Lori S., for all the information and feedback you provide here. I hope you will be feeling better soon.

Re: Post ESTW - 16 days

Dr. Z on 10/16/04 at 15:25 (161656)

Rest could help. Its important that your ESWT doc evaluate your present state and determine what other problem if any are going on and treat them

Re: post ESTW 18 days - everyone

Lori S. on 10/18/04 at 00:58 (161715)

Tina, Jeanne, Dr.Z,

I for one, had much more pain before ESTW, until the last 3 days. I think it is partially my fault. I took it easy the first couple weeks, but have been less cautious. The pain in my ankles is my concern. One month prior to having ESTW done I had some really bad swelling problems with the other tendons in my ankles (specially the post tibial) -- it looked like my ankles were broken(they were not). So after reading what you have all posted, I am thinking my other tendons are now acting up. Could this be due to possibly using my feet differently, compensating for pain? I see my pod on wednesday. Would taping help with the other tendons? Guess I will try and see. I am sure it would help with my compensating for pain.

I wouldnt change the fact that I had ESTW done. Because, though I am in pain the last few days. I have had alot more Better days than bad. Prior to ESTW every day was a bad one.

And lastly I would like to thank everyone who posts here. This site has so much valuable information, and people who are willing to share their experiences with PF... help with ideas, different things to try. Its nice to have a sounding board. I dont think a person realizes the pain that can be associated with feet problems until they have experienced it, its nice to have a shoulder to lean on. And a speical thanks to the docs who take the time to post here.

hoping for a better day.... for us all,

Re: post ESTW 18 days - everyone

Tina H on 10/18/04 at 20:21 (161752)

Lori, Glad to hear you're at least better than before ESWT. I guess we take what we can get. I'm at 12 weeks post ESWT, I'm definitely better than before but a long way from cured. I no longer have morning pain and most days have very little pain until afternoon. Evening is still very bad. I have never had a completely pain free 24 hour period, that would be something. But I do think it's wonderful to wake up and know that I'm going to have 6 hours or so without a lot of pain. That certainly beats excrutiating pain by 10am, so I too am glad I had ESWT. Keep us posted. I like to hear how others are doing and having a place to vent is great. After a year of pf, although they've been supportive, I think my family and friends are sick of hearing about it. I rely more and more on this site and I am also very appreciative of the support! :) Tina

Re: Jeannie...

Lori S. on 10/21/04 at 01:42 (161874)

I have had some serious pain in my ankles. I saw my doc today, and he says other tendons in my feet are irritated. Do your ankles ache? The only way I know how to explain the pain is ... its like shin splint pain, but in my ankles. I was told to rest, take it as easy as I can. He also gave me some pain meds, for the really bad times.... (like the last 4 nights up until 2 am).... I am still overall happy I had this done, and would suggest it to others. Before i was in severe pain day and night, now, i have good days along with some bad.
Hope you are feeling better,

Re: Jeannie...

jeannie m on 10/21/04 at 18:00 (161925)

Lori, Yes i am still having ankle pain and it is taking over the plantar pain. I feel like in my case it is trying to use the orthodics that makes it hurt but i do not know. It actually feels like my ankles feel sprained. I will finally see my doctor on Tues. with lots of questions. My girlfriend had this done the same day and says her feet feel great. She has not worked (waitresses with me) since June where as i have worked sttraight through it all. She is starting back on Nov. 2nd and it will be interesting to see how she does. I find it odd that my doctor told me NOT to take time off from work. I have been out 5 days so far now and really am not feeling any better yet. I still feel like i have a big footwear issue. Well anyhow i am thinking when we can take the antiinflammotories again maybe it will that help the ankle pain ? I think it feels like shint pain in my ankles too. It also feels like a weight pressure on both sides of my lower ankles. (i am not overweight) Does the doctor feel like this will go away ? Did he say not to worry ? Let me know and i will let you know what mine says also.

Re: lori

jeannie m on 10/21/04 at 18:10 (161927)

Lori i wrote a post but i said the subject was jeannie -not lori by mistake so you should read that one. I also just went back and read your other posts and realized how bad your pain is. I am so sorry for you. Does your doctor think all these issues are connected ? one the result of the other? I feel for you, Jeannie

Re: jeannie

Lori S. on 10/23/04 at 03:47 (162012)

I have had enough pain to last a lifetime, as I am sure many here have too. My doctor said the shin-splint like pain in my ankles is probably due to irritation to the other tendons in my feet from ESTW. (around my ankles look swollen, especially when I am having this pain) My doc said this is something that can happen with ESTW and usually settles down with rest and a little time. The best thing for it is rest, he did give me pain meds too. It is something that should improve over the next few weeks. I know its much worse when I overdo it. When I have the ankle pain I take hot baths, or put the heating pad on my feet, this does help alot. My doc said he wants me to use heat as much as I want, because it increases circulation. I also have been massaging my feet/ankles several times a day, which I think helps me when its bad. Pretty much my feet are a big part of anything right now. I do stretches, but I am careful, I dont want to overdo it and re-injure.

I hope you can take some time off from work. I think it will be and is a big part of healing. But, we all know something are not possible. I know I could not work outside of my home right now. If I spent 2 hours straight on my feet I would be crying. Try sleeping with a pillow under your feet at night, seems to help me with pain. I also sleep with a heating pad on them some nights. I would keep doing stretches, but take them easy, only what you feel comfortable with, dont overdo it. Try massaging your feet several times a day- this has really helped me alot when I have alot of pain. Ask the doc for pain meds(if you feel you need them, i know i do when its really bad). One reason I opted for ESTW, even though my insurance wouldnt pay, ( but I got a deal thank God), was because I was tired of living on pain meds. At least now I have some good days with the bad. The ESTW tech told me to not expect great things right away. So, I look at every day as a step in healing, it took my feet 3 years to get this bad, it wont be better overnight.

BTW, I cant wear orthotics, tried 3 different ones, over the counter and two different customs. They kill my feet. I am pretty much stuck with Birkenstocks, the only thing that doesnt kill my feet. Which I dont mind, I have always loved birks,,,,, now I have a reason to buy them. LOL.

If you ever wanna email me.... my email is (email removed) My doc and I have gone through the ringer with trying things. The month prior to my ESTW, I was in severe pain. He started trying things that werent the normal treatments. I had una-boots (kinda soft casts) put on every week, 3 days on , 4 days off for a month. This did help with pain before the ESTW.

I am going to start taping again, see if it helps. Taping helped before, but I could only wear it for short periods of time, because of swelling. ANyways, I hope something here will help you.

When did you stop taking anti-inflamatories? The first week off those I was crying all the time, thats when the doc tried una-boots. I am currently off anti-inflamatories. Was told none until at least 6 weeks post.

Well, I have gone on and on. I hope something here helps you, and as i said, if you ever want to email me, please feel free to. I am thankful for this site, and having people to talk to, compare notes, give ideas to try.

Hope you are feeling better,,,

Re: post ESTW 18 days - everyone

Lori S. on 10/23/04 at 03:54 (162013)


By evening I am not so good either. But I used to be in pain all day and night. So I am happy so far. It took time to get this bad, it will take time to heal. I am 23 days post today and its been another rough day. I have however found that massaging my feet help alot. I do it several times a day.

LOL, it is like 2 am, thats a pretty good clue as to the kind of day its been. 6 hours would be like heaven. I am happy to have a couple hours. But time will do its magic. I would do it again, and would encourage others to try. As at least now I have SOME good days, not like before, they were all bad. I am not living on pain meds, tho I still do use them sometimes, i was living on them. Not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

As far as friends and family, I think mine share your family and friends sentiments. It is wonderful to have a place to share all this with, be bad or good, a place to vent and share ideas, new things to try.

I hope tomorrow, lol or rather today finds you feeling better than yesterday,,,,,,,,