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Active Release Techniques

Posted by Tamara P on 10/16/04 at 07:42 (161635)

Has anyone tried ART with any success? I'm running out of options and am willing to try anything at this point.

Re: Active Release Techniques

john h on 10/16/04 at 14:40 (161648)

Many have tried it with minimal results reported on this board.

Re: Active Release Techniques

Dorothy on 10/16/04 at 15:19 (161653)

Tamara -
If you do a search here using 'ART' or Active Release Therapy, you will find many posts on this subject. Some posters here found tremendous relief from this technique; most simply considered using it, but apparently never did; some used an approximation, or a variation, of ART, rather than the procedure itself. One poster, Hillary G (maybe sp Hilary), posted often about her experience with it and the fact that she felt it gave her remission of her problems. You could search under her name as well (try both spellings..). It is apparently unlikely that trying this would hurt, and it might help. It makes more sense to first exhaust something with those parameters and other moderate efforts than the other more extreme measures, in my opinion. But to each his own. Good luck.

Re: Active Release Techniques

HilaryG on 10/24/04 at 13:09 (162060)

Tamara- I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I just saw your posting. ART helped me when nothing else did. I had PF for many yrs and conservative measures were of no use. I could not have surgery because my feet are extremely lat and I was told that PF release makes the arch alittle bit flatter. ART is the only thing that gives me relief. I can now live a normal life. Let me be honest-- I do not run (but I never did before), I cannot hike (never did before either, because of my painful flat feet-however I live in a beautiful area and would love to be able to). But I CAN stand in line at the supermarket with no problem and do the normal day to day things that normal people do with no problem whatsoever and I attribute that to ART. I was not totally cured by ART--that is to stay I still go for treatments. I started ny going once a wk for about a yer and now, 2 yrs later I go once every 2 wks. I can't tell you how thankful I am for ART. I can tell you that my chiro says that I am the exception in that most patients do better than me. He says most patients ate cured and eventually do not have to have treatments at all. he thinks that my extremely flat feet are causing my problems. Anyway good luck to you. Let us know how you do.

Re: Active Release Techniques

Tze-wei Lim on 10/27/04 at 20:34 (162292)

Hi Tamara

I have both been treated very successfully with ART as well as am a practitioner of ART. In fact, the main reason that spurred me to learn the method of treatment was my personal experience of being 'miraculously' healed of a frozen shoulder. I had injured my shoulder so badly that it was frozen for 6 months and I had to quit my job as a fitness instructor. I flew to Arizona and sought ART treatment from an ART practitioner.

Immediately during the first session I could rotate my shoulder 360 degrees with hardly any pain, and within several more sessions I have been pain-free till today. That is, since 1999.

In my honest opinion, (1) ART works because it gets to the root of your problem by fixing the mechanical problems that have resulted from your injury. Drugs and massage that may numb the nerves provide only temporary relief. You need to break up the adhesions that have resulted from healing from the original injury. (2) ART will only work if the practitioner is able to diagnose the problem accurately. This is because the mechanics of the adhesions are very precise and the diagnosis would need to be precise for ART to work. If the problem is diagnosed accurately, the pain and restriction normally disappear within very few sessions if not immediately.

What is the nature of your injury, Tamara?

Do feel free to email me for free advice at (email removed) or read some articles on my website at http://www.activerelease.net/providers/lim .

God bless!

tze-wei lim