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planters fascitis

Posted by cheryl r on 10/16/04 at 21:53 (161666)

Has anyone heard of using the drug Strattera for Planters Fascitis? I read somewhere on the internet that it had been used successfully to treat Planters Fascitis and I can't find it now. This is a drug normally prescribed for ADHA.

Re: planters fascitis

Consuelo on 10/25/04 at 13:39 (162110)

I found this earlier. Hope it's what you were looking for. Haven't tried it, just got an arch-heel support for my shoe. Consuelo

Re: plantar fasciitis
planters fascitis I believe was cured by taking a prescription for adhd.

I don't want anyone to go through what I did. Could not work for over two years. A drug called strattera cured me literally overnight. I even started jogging to see if I was cured . I want to spread the word . I have contacted the manufactuer twice but they haven't got back to me. I hope someone else tries it. Please get back to me if it works for you. My tel. 503 642-4475

Posted By terry bailey on September 27, 2004 at 12:02:00:
In Reply to: Re: plantar fasciitis posted by terry bailey on September 27, 2004 at 11:52:00:

Re: planters fascitis

Janice C on 10/25/04 at 22:29 (162150)

I am in AGREEMENT with Angela (see her posts) I bought the HTP heel seats on her recommendation because I have steadily deteriorated over the years, much faster this year than ever (age 52). I was actually eyeing the electric shopping carts at Wal-Mart. Getting depressed. My custom orthotics uncomfortable. Had endoscopic plantar fasciotomy last July in right foot, planned on doing left foot soon. I had my doubts about the heel seats, also ordered the biosole-gels at the same time. Got the gels first, no luck. Got the heel seats, they form their own arch, so my best experience was to put them in my lace-up Ropers, low heel, very firm soles, lots of toe room, cushioned flat insole. Put them in the boots, they are marked right & left. I was in shock. I had written a diary of my burning soles a couple days before, and how 3 toes on each foot are numb all the time. I had tried to do my shopping, could not stand in 1 place when in line to check out, had to constantly shift from 1 foot to other. Came home in tears, took me most of the day to try & shop, could not finish due to the pain. So got home that evening the HTP's came in the mail. It was unbelievable. No burning! The next day my feet felt a little better. Every day is a small improvement. I expect it to take some time, will let you all know how it is going. I am praying to the Lord Jesus this is the answer. I am off my pain meds also- I am not 100%, but ANY improvement was better than what I was going through. I cancelled my left foot surg. Also have a morton's neuroma in both feet, but I got out of the shower & felt what I thought was the cat's tail under my right toes & jumped! I was feeling the fuzzy rug for the first time in months! One person had said these heel seats just elevate your foot. I disagree. I would not have used them if that was the case, he is right, that would not help. The actual part that goes under the heel is thin. The seats have a bar that from the diagram on their website looks like it supports the bone that forms the arch. It is uncomfortable at first, but I also have a high pain threshold, and after the other pain, this is minor discomfort in trade for the relief of burning & numbness. I actually went shopping and though my feet were aching & tired, I was happy, & the next day, my feet were good to go- before, if I continued on my feet, I suffered 2 weeks & had to take extra NSAID's which I am afraid have given me an ulcer. I have hope again. They are worth a try & have a money-back guarantee. I tried to wear them in my Reebocks,but I am unable to tolerate them well right now. Maybe it will get better & I will be able to go to the Reebocks. I used to grieve over not being able to wear pretty dress shoes, now, who cares as long as I can walk without that terrible pain. I have drawers of insoles, orthotics. I have spent $$$$ on Drs & this surgery not to mention Mephisto shoes, which are 100 times better than Birks to me (Birks are too flat for me). So I was willing to try this $25 insert. I hope it helps other people too-I am still in shock myself after all these years of pain to be rid of 75% of it. Thank the good Lord!!!!!!! I hope it helps someone else. THANK YOU ANGELA for telling me about your experience with them. You are a God-send. Thanks to all on this website for the info, and Scott for his website & book. Janice C