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Posted by Libby on 10/16/04 at 22:00 (161667)

Does anyone know of a good website where you can get Mephistos for a good deal? I have the German website for Birkenstocks. Is that one still the best one for Birkenstocks? Thanks! Libby

Re: Mephistos

Kay on 1/08/05 at 20:25 (166724)

The is the question I came here to ask. Doesn't look like anyone saw this that had any info.

Re: Mephistos

Dorothy on 1/08/05 at 20:56 (166732)

It's hard to know what anyone else considers a 'good deal'. I don't know anything about Mephistos except that they have the reputation of being comfortable and expensive. I have posted these websites so many times here over the years that I figured anyone interested would know about them already - BUT - here are some websites with my comments which are my opinion only:

http://www.zappos.com - this is a really nice company with terrific customer service, great sales, free shipping and a very fair return policy. I just checked for you and they do carry Mephistos. Whether you think they are a
'good deal', you will have to determine.

http://www.sierratradingpost.com - they have discounted, bargain, discontinued, last season types of merchandise, all name brands. I know they have carried Mephisto brand at times, but their inventory varies. I tried to check their website for you, but keep getting a message of 'internal error' for their site. It is usually viewable.

I don't know if Footsmart carries any Mephisto, but they carry a variety of shoe brands and sometimes in their clearance, they carry name brands that aren't in their regular inventory. Their website is http://www.footsmart.com .

If I were you, I would do a 'Google' search under their 'Froogle' (commercial) feature which will give you lots of places that carry Mephisto online and you can then search out the ones that you think meet your needs.

There are some possibilities for you to explore should you want to.

Re: Mephistos

Kay on 1/08/05 at 21:49 (166750)

Thanks Dorothy, I'll check these websites out. Do you know where they make Mephisto? I think what the original poster was talking about is that birks are made in Germany and if you order straight from where they come from you can get them about a fourth of the cost of buying them here in the states. It takes a while to get them but the ones I got was a fraction of the cost of getting them here. I'd love to try out the Mephistos but gosh they are expensive....if only we could order from where they came from.
thanks again.

Re: Mephistos

Janice C on 1/10/05 at 10:36 (166845)

Libby, I love Meph's they are my choice over Birks, at least in the sandal line. Most have the cork sole like the Birks, but you have to read the description. The Mephisto mobiles have a removable cork bed so you can put in your orthotic or other insole. I have had wonderful experience with Zappo's, they have customer comments & recommendations for each shoe, I have also returned many to get a different size and had no problem at all. Not out any money to try them on either, they pay return shipping. Some of my Meph's were made in Portugal, but some in France. I really liked the Nil but they are discontinued now. I bought an extra pair last year from Sierra and got them for about $49. Same ones I paid $119 for earlier. But Sierra does not have the free return shipping, so I only order from them if I know how the sandal fits my foot. I was unable to wear their other shoes that are not cork bed, my foot seems to need the solid support, so I can't comment on the other footbeds in their closed shoes. God bless!