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New Balance Running shoes?

Posted by Kathy G on 10/17/04 at 10:33 (161673)

I have always worn Asics running shoes. Unfortunately, the Asics Cumulus II's, the style I'm wearing was discontinued and although I bought six pairs of them, I'm down to my last pair. The new Cumulus - I think they're sevens - don't feel as good. I thought the Nimbus were going to work but not only do they make my heels hurt more, they also make my lower bakc hurt.

Part of my problem, I'm sure, is that I've developed arthritis in my feet along with the PF. My Foot Maxx orthotics, although not widely admired by the experts on these boards, have worked fairly well for me and are more like the arthritis design than the typical PF design because I couldn't tolerate the type that people with PF traditionally wear, so I'm going to stick with them.

Having struck out with many Asics styles, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to styles of New Balance that worked for them. After you've tried on several pair, they all begin to feel the same. If I had some suggested styles to try, it might be helpful. It would also cut down on the embarrassment of buying shoes and then returning them because they don't work out.

I have a narrow foot, need as much padding as possible and can't wear motion control shoes. Or at least I couldn't about five years ago. They made the muscle spasm in my calf hurt very badly and I've steered away from them ever since.

Suggestions, anyone? My feet and I would appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Re: New Balance Running shoes?

Linda V on 10/17/04 at 13:04 (161678)

I love my NB's...have been in the 879's...now its called 880. But the last time i went to my shoe store, they suggested an 815, which i bought and also feel good. I have never bought sneakers from Alec's...and i might give it a try...but honestly, there is a store in Laconia called Melnicks. All they sell are sneakers and they know more about PF and hurt feet than any other place I have ever been. Less than an hour from you, and a pretty ride. I would highly recommend the trip.

Re: New Balance Running shoes?

Dorothy on 10/17/04 at 17:57 (161695)

Kathy G. -
Have you ever tried Brooks? There are two models that have been referred to here, the Brooks 'Addiction' and the Brooks 'Ariel'.

Re: New Balance Running shoes?

Tom H on 10/24/04 at 22:07 (162069)

Hi Kathy G.

See my post to: 'looking for some information', two question above this one.