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Plantar Facitis

Posted by melinda s on 10/17/04 at 15:00 (161687)

I had Plantar Facitis and heel spur for over a year...and it got to the point that I was not walking correctly..the pain was all day...it changed my life...I went to the foot doctor whom gave me shots...worked short term...than I bought expensive shoe inserts...waste of money..it was not until I went to my regular MD whom had this situation..she even had surgury and it was a waste of time..she went to a Physical therapist whom with ultra sound..and acidic treatments..heat treatments etc...got the scar tissue to go away...I took PT for 6 weeks...and got the scar tissue out of my heels broke up the calcium deposits..and 6 months later I am now inflammation free..it is a long road..of PT, night splints...stretching etc..but today I AM CURED>>>