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Posted by marie on 10/17/04 at 17:48 (161694)

Dorothy how are you feeling? I hope you're regaining your strength and beginning to feel more like yourself again.

best wishes marie

Re: Dorothy?

Dorothy on 10/17/04 at 18:02 (161697)

Marie -
It's very nice and thoughtful of you to ask - I am feeling very much better, back to my version of normal, I would say! Thank you, Marie.
I hope things are well with you. Maybe we'll see some of your wonderful photographs soon - some autumn scenes from your part of the world, which your photography has shown us is a beautiful place.... hope so.

Re: Dorothy?

marie on 10/17/04 at 22:00 (161710)

Now that Marching Band season is over I hope to be able to do some fun stuff again.

SO glad to hear you're feeling better and thanks.


Re: Dorothy?

Kathy G on 10/18/04 at 16:24 (161744)


Glad to hear you're back to full strength! That was a long haul, wasn't it?

I hope Marie has more color than we have in NH. We have some brilliant, beautiful trees but many haven't changed or are very dull this year. I have no idea what it's like north of us. I never go near northern NH during leaf-peeping season due to the traffic and because I can usually see lovely color right in my own back yard.

We're in for a week of rain and what leaves have changed will probably all fall. UGH! Nothing worse than raking up wet leaves. Luckily, my husband has a leaf vac and doesn't have to break his back.

Re: Dorothy?

Dorothy on 10/19/04 at 00:39 (161764)

Kathy G. - Thanks for the good word and yes, it's been quite a summer/fall.
From the areas that I've been in this fall, I think the colors in many places are not quite as vivid as they sometimes are, but that happens every so often. My husband and I were saying recently that it's funny - we see the trees change color every year and we know that it's going to happen, but every year, it's as if we're seeing them for the first time and they are always thrilling.
Aren't you the Boston Red Sox fan? Are you in heaven tonight? They are playing with HEART!! I wish our Cardinals could get some of that!

Re: The Red Sox

Kathy G on 10/19/04 at 08:39 (161775)

Around here, everyone is exhausted! You'd be amazed at the number of people who stayed up until 1:30 Monday morning to watch the game. I only made it until 11:45. And then last night, it went on....and on....and on....for 5 hours and 58 minutes, a new record. But they won around 11PM and it was amazing to see!

I'm a huge football fan and a fair weather baseball fan. I only watch the Red Sox when they get into the playoffs. I've watched all of this series, although I must admit, I gave up when they got shelled one game.

Tonight's game should be another exciting one. Curt Schilling, the Red Sox ace pitcher, has a tendon that is totally torn away from the bone, on the outside of his right ankle. Well, not exactly his ankle, but right above it. See, I'm pointing to the area on my own leg. Too bad I don't have a web camera. On second thought, I'm still in my robe so maybe it's not too bad.

Anyway, he'll be pitching tonight and wearing a special high shoe that Rebok made for him, to the tune of $1,000. He's hoping it will give him the stability he needs as he pitches off his right foot. Both teams will be playing with depleted bullpens and on too little sleep. It's also supposed to be rainy and miserable during the game in NY. In some ways, it's too bad to see them play under these conditions but then that's what sports is all about. The playing field will certainly be equal.

My daughter went to NYC for a vacation in September. She's been before but this time, she did all the touristy things like Radio City, seeing a play, Statue of Liberty, etc. The highpoint of the trip was getting to see the Red Sox play the Yankees in Yankee stadium. She payed a lot of money for the tickets and they were somewhere way out in the bleachers but she was thrilled. That was the game that had a 96 minute rain delay but she stayed through the whole thing and saw them win! My son is a huge Red Sox fan, too. They're both big Patriot's fans, like me, but they didn't get their love of baseball from me. My husband is a Red Sox fan who's been burnt too often. He, unlike the Red Sox nation, doesn't 'believe' and seldom watches a whole game. But he's watched the last two and you can see the hope rising despite having been a fan his entire life.

It certainly makes for an exciting October!

Re: The Red Sox and Nancy S

Kathy G on 10/19/04 at 08:43 (161776)

Those of us who have been around for a while know that a former poster, Nancy S, whom we all misss, is an avid Red Sox fan! She's not a fair weather fan, like me, but a true fan. I don't even think she checks the boards anymore but I'm sure we all are thinking of her during these exciting games!

Re: The Red Sox

Dorothy on 10/19/04 at 09:42 (161780)

Kathy G - And here's a tip of my cap to you, on this chilly, rainy morning, for all of your delightful writing!
Yes, it does make for an exciting October, but I'm hoping that any minute now, the Cardinals will realize that it's waning fast -
I've not been a Boston Red Sox fan - nor have I been a non-fan, just not 'my' team - but I have fallen in love with them in these recent games and I especially have fallen for their fans. A full house, in the cold, until the wee hours - two nights in a row! That team and their fans deserve good things to happen, if such can be said. Plus, I've been entertaining my fellow game-viewers with my delight over Johnny Damon and the pure fun of the 'dialogue' between a base-stealer and the pitcher.
Now, let me digress just a moment to lambast that pseudo-stadium that the Houston Astros play in. To go from Fenway Park (televisionally, I mean) - with a real stadium and real fans sitting in real weather - to the Houston 'room' with a roof and 'fans' all dressed alike in short-sleeved shirts and hear the announcer say of the baseball, 'it's in the rafters; it's in the rafters!' - Please. I ask you, is this baseball?
And this is why I say -now that the games are going back to Busch Stadium, a real stadium, the Cardinals will revive. They need the sky, air, moon, sun! Go Red Sox. GO Cardinals! And when all of this is behind us, then we all go vote - and not before!

Re: The Red Sox

john h on 10/19/04 at 11:25 (161788)

The only real baseball stadiums are Wrigley and Fenway. The Cards stadium is not all that old and even now they have a new one under construction. Wrigley will probably be there as long as there is a Chicago. In my youth I would watch 30-40 home games a year at Wrigley. They averaged a sell out for the entire season at Wrigley Field this year. It is more than just a ball game there it is an experience. Just wait until next year! That is our mantra and always will be.

Re: The Red Sox

john h on 10/19/04 at 11:29 (161789)

Kathy I watched it all the way. If the Cubs cannot win then the Bosox must beat the hated Yankees. When I lived in NYC I lived only about 1/2 mile from Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn. Did not like the Yankees then either as all they did was win. I think the Yankee's Mel Allen was perhaps the first ever baseball announcer on TV that I saw. Worked on Wall Street and never once did I get to set down on the subway going to work as I just got on at the wrong spot.

Re: The Red Sox

Bob G on 10/20/04 at 00:30 (161820)

Wouldn't it be great to get the Red Sox and the Cardinals? Baseball is my favorite sport, but football is a close second. Yet the two games are so different; baseball being a 19th-century pastoral game, whereas football is a 20th-century technological struggle! Up and down, What down is it? versus Who's up? Hope everybody enjoys the Series!

Re: The Red Sox

Dorothy on 10/20/04 at 00:45 (161821)

Yes, that would be great! Two authentic baseball towns with hardcore/diehard fans - I do like those Red Sox and their fans, but the Cardinals are part of my own history. I like your up/down idea - that's good. I agree with john h. about the 'hated Yankees'. Go Cardinals!

Re: The Red Sox

Kathy G on 10/20/04 at 10:27 (161835)

Well, ~YAWN~ it's on to Game Seven! I was as exhausted last night as if I had played the game myself! Talk about tension! It took me an hour to unwind and fall asleep!

I'm still not completely clear as to the extent of the injury to Curt Schilling but whatever it is, the man is amazing. He said he was really 'feeling' it by the fourth inning. Who'd have guessed it? He was extraordinary. What a neat guy he is. The amount of charity work he does is astounding and he's as exceptional off the field as he is on the field.

One of my favorite movies, and I know it's hokey, is 'The Natural.' I watch it every single year at the beginning of baseball season. There's a scene where Robert Redford's character, Roy Hobbs, is up at bat and the umpire notices blood staining his uniform. That's what came to mind when I saw Schilling's sock last night.

He said that the tendon is not totally detached from the bone but someone I heard on Sports Radio said it is completely torn off. Whatever it is, it was the shot of Marcane and sheer willpower that resulted in his triumph. And he did it without the thousand dollar shoe! For a guy thirty-eight years old, he really took a chance with his body.

So tonight is the night. Having lived in New England my entire life, I just can't get away from that nagging feeling that something will go wrong but I will try to have positive thoughts. Last night, my husband, the 'I'm not going to get my hopes up again' guy was as excited about a sporting event as I've ever seen him.

Wow, what excitement! It's especially welcome this year amidst the avalanche of negative political advertising which is bombarding us. As the tee shirts Schilling had made for his team says, 'Why not us?'

Re: The Red Sox

Linda V on 10/20/04 at 12:15 (161839)

I know he is a little sloppy looking...but I think Johnny Damon is a hottie!!! Go Sox!!!

Re: The Red Sox

Dorothy on 10/20/04 at 15:49 (161842)

Likewise! I saw a picture of him with short hair and no facial 'fuzz' and thought: this guy got some good advice for improving his 'image' with the longer hair and 'fuzz'...
Very cute. No Lance Armstrong, but very cute.
Go Cardinals! (and also Go Red Sox!)

Re: The Red Sox

john h on 10/21/04 at 11:24 (161894)

To watch people really play with big injuries check out the NFL. I watched Larry Wilson for the then St Louis Football Cardinals play Free Safety with two broken arms and both in full cast. He even made an interception. Guys are playing who have had 7 and 8 concussions, with fused neck disc, and regularly play with shots to kill the pain prior to kickoff. We have a few retired NFL players here in town who I see on occasion and they can barely walk. One of the Bear's DE's had 11 knee operations. I think the average football life of an NFL running back is 3 years. Joe Namath and the late Johnny Unitas bascially have no knees. They get paid a lot but they pay for it big time in many cases. Curt Shilling is one of my favorite players. Amazing he has not stayed with one team as he has always been a special pitcher. The Rocket goes to night for the Houston. Hope that 40 yr old + guy can do it one more time. I would love to see him pitch against the Bosox. Would he get a cheer or boo?. .