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a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Posted by Suzanne D. on 10/17/04 at 19:13 (161703)

Hello, Dorothy! I was glad to read on another board that you are feeling better these days. :)

I wanted to ask you a question since you have made a few posts about Dansko shoes in the past. Do some of their shoes have more arch support than others? I ordered a pair (the 'Liv' sandal) on sale this summer from Sierra Trading Post but had to return them. I liked the shoe - especially the 'rocker' sole - and thought it seemed very well-made, but in the arch area it was completely flat. When I walked around in the house, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my arches. It wasn't pain, but I was afraid that if I wore these shoes very long, I would have arch pain as there was just no support in that area. I have looked at Danskos on the internet, and the shoes which are open enough to see the arch area reveal that they are like the ones I tried. But I thought perhaps the clogs or some other style might have arch support and wanted to ask if you knew.

While I'm asking you questions, :) I am interested also in how the high-arch Tatamis are working for you. I think I read a recent post of yours in which you mentioned that you were still finding them helpful. I tried on a pair of the high-arch Fuldas over 2 years ago when my PF pain was still bad. At that time they felt very uncomfortable; I was only able to wear soft-footbed Birks then, and that could have been part of the reason.

Thank you for your time and any answers you might give me!
Suzanne :)

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Dorothy on 10/17/04 at 20:03 (161706)

Hello Suzanne D. -
I am so happy to be able to TRY to help you and hope this information will be helpful. About Danskos: Yes, there are significant variations in the arch support of different models, or different lines. I have a variety of Dansko shoes, including the 'rocker' styles that you refer to, and I have found that in the past year or so, the rocker type that you mention (and I am familiar with the 'Liv' style - I liked it, too/don't own that one)is less comfortable than the styles with more arch support - but even within the lines with more arch support, there seem to be variations. So - here's what my CURRENT thinking is. The clogs with a back seem to have the most arch support; that would be the 'Professional' or the variations of the 'Professional' (essentially the same but with different designs/patterns/colors, etc.) So I think if you take a close look at the Professional's structure, that will be a useful guide. If you go to http://www.zappos.com , you can look at the shoes close-up and in a variety of positions; zappos is great in so many ways! There is a design that I find has the most arch support for my feet and it is basically the 'Professional' but with what they call Polycoat. An added bonus is that, for some reason, this shoe is often available at great discounts (maybe I'm the only one who likes it!) So, it makes no sense and I can't explain it - but that design, in the pairs that I own, has the best arch support. (I qualified that statement with 'in the pairs that I own' because what I've always heard about Danskos is that there can be great variability from pair to pair - which makes it kind of inconvenient!) I also really like to wear the no-back clog, the 'Sonja' (or Sonya); it may have a little less arch support than the other one I mentioned - I'm not really sure - and it does not have a back, but it just snugs up around the foot and holds it very nicely. It can really feel good, just as the other one can. As you know, like most people here, I rotate shoes depending on.....who knows - the phase of the moon or whether the Cardinals are playing well or some unknown factor!
About the high arch Tatami Birkenstocks - yes, I am liking them. They are different from my other Birkenstocks. I did take more care with breaking in the Tatami (as a result of what you and others here have recommended with Birkenstocks - thank you!)than I used to do with Birkenstocks so maybe that helped, but they're good. One thing that I'm not so happy about is that I don't think I'm going to be able to wear them with a nice, warm pair of socks. They feel best - as recommended by their brochure - when buckled a little more snugly across the toes and a little less snugly than that across the instep; consequently, I wear them a little more snugly than other Birkenstocks and don't think they will accomodate warm socks - and we've had some colder weather. There is a high arch Tatami in a closed-toe style; I've never worn a closed-toe Birkenstock, but may give that one a try.
Misha, Palle, Sonja, Margrete, Professional - I just checked the old shoe boxes for the Danksos and those are some of the names of the styles of Danskos that I still find have good, or better, arch support. What you might do is go to http://www.dansko.com and see if you can get enough description for one or more of those that you could then apply to comparing to other styles. I'm not remembering right now where I have seen good descriptions of the actual structural designs of the various Danskos, but when/if I remember, I'll post it for you. The 'Margrete' is a sandal, and one that I like very much - it looks like the cutest shoes of the 1940s to my eye and I always feel a little Ginger Roger-ey when I wear them - and I can vouch that it is very comfortable; mine are showing their age! I don't know if they make that one anymore. The thing about Dansko is that they discontinue styles often, but they do seem to keep the Professional and the Sonja - thank goodness! Another brand that maybe used to be associated with Dansko in some way is Sanitas. They make a clog, too, that resembles the Danskos clogs (open back). Now, just to make things more confusing, I have an older pair of Danskos that are Danskos Sanitas! They are VERY comfortable, even after all the years I've had them. Apparently Danskos and Sanitas are not connected anymore, but the Sanitas brand is available and looks the same as the older ones and as current Dansko Sonja. Finally (whew! and Suzanne is saying 'double whew!!) - there are some Danskos models that look comfortable and are supposed to be very comfortable but I have not personally worn them - yet. I think one is called 'Targee', but I will try to get some more information and pass it on to you - more succinctly!! This will teach you to ask me a question - brevity is not my strong suit! I do hope this helps you because you have helped me, and others, so often!! Good, good wishes to you~

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Suzanne D. on 10/17/04 at 21:06 (161709)

Thank you so much, Dorothy, for your most helpful and speedy reply! I do appreciate it greatly. I shall take time tomorrow evening while my husband is watching football to look up these styles and read and
compare. Now I have a place to start and a frame of reference with which to look and learn.

I would really like to own a pair of clogs - even open-back would be fine - which are comfortable and have good arch support. I have tried three styles of Birkenstock clogs this fall and have sent them back, one by one. Thank goodness for companies who will accept returns! The nearest Birk store is in Lexington (the one in Louisville closed), and I hardly ever get there. One pair of clogs had a back, but it slipped up and down the back of my foot even though it was a narrow. I think the unisex styles such as that one are wider, but the ones just for women end up being just a tad short and hurt my toes which was the case with the third pair I tried. The second pair had no back but still was much too wide in the toe area. Whew! My feet were hard enough to fit even before foot problems!

Thank you again, Dorothy. My college daughter has been home this week on break and is going back in the morning, so I am closing now to spend a little more time with her. I'll be 'shoe looking' again tomorrow night!

Suzanne :)

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Janice C on 10/18/04 at 22:51 (161757)

Suzanne, thought I would add- I change shoes often too with my Morton's & PF. I have been able to wear all the Mephisto sandals with the cork bed, and some also have the anatomical footbed without the cork, such as the Nil, but I think that one is discontinued. I cannot wear the Birks, just too flat, but had a pair of Arizonas that was the closest to my Mephisto's comfort. I have about 5 pair, love the ones with double adjustable straps so you can wear them with a sock. I wish you well. I never in my life imagined I would have the problems that I have with my feet. It is hard for folks to understand unless they have had problems themselves, bless their hearts.

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Suzanne D. on 10/20/04 at 17:25 (161854)

Thank you, Janice, for your message! I agree: it is hard for people to understand what foot problems are really like unless they have experienced them like we have.

I have not ever tried Mephistos but would like to someday. My internet searching I had planned to do was impossible earlier this week as we had storms and then some computer problems. But everything seems to be working fine now, so when I get some more time, I plan to keep looking.

Thanks again for your comments! I hope you are doing well these days.
Suzanne :)

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Janice C on 10/25/04 at 22:55 (162152)

Suzanne, did you read about the inserts I ordered that were recommended by Angela? I am still doing wonderful. Every day is a little better instead of worse. I am still planning on continuing to lose weight, as soon as I can I am going to start walking to strengthen my feet also. If you want to try the Mephistos without spending $$$$ I have a favorite search on ebay for them, and have bought 3 pair used with really good luck. They hold their value well, and cheapest I think I paid was $25. There are hundreds of Birks that sell really cheap on ebay for those who prefer them. Mephs are fewer & farther between, but worth watching for. God bless you all! Janice C

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Suzanne D. on 10/27/04 at 15:49 (162279)

Thank you, Janice! Yes, I read about your new inserts and am really glad they are working for you.

I looked on e-bay, and out of the 287 pairs of Mephistos listed. there was one pair in my size! (43) But it's worth checking every now and then; who knows when I might find something I'd like to try. That was a good idea, and I thank you for sharing it.

I've never bought anything from e-bay, but my husband has, so I might have to try it someday.

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Lynn F. on 11/01/04 at 10:51 (162686)

Hi Dorothy, I too am considering Dansko's. I can't wear Birks or anything flat. My hairdresser wears Dansko's and loves them. My only concern, however, is having severe heel pain, don't know if I could tolerate the wooden heels. Did you have heel pain and if so, did the Dansko's hurt/help? Thanks so much or your input.

PS. I too am a BIG fan of Zappo's.com (at least I was, till I got PF and could no longer buy my favorite shoes!!!)

Re: a question for Dorothy about Danskos...

Dorothy on 11/01/04 at 12:11 (162698)

Lynn F -

You asked: 'Did you have heel pain and if so, did the Dansko's hurt/help?'

Yes, to having heel pain, and other pain. They help, but I do not wear them, or any otehr shoes, exclusively. I rotate quite a lot, as do many people here.

I don't think they are wooden heels; what is visible is not wooden. I have worn many wooden clogs in my life and these are not like wooden ones at all.

Best wishes ~