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Tarsal tunnel or nerve problem?

Posted by Kirk on 10/17/04 at 22:13 (161711)

For the past 8 weeks the right ball of my foot and 3 toes have been numb. No trauma occured and there is no pain anywhere else in my right foot. I wear RX orthotics and the podiatrist has place temporary pads near the wear marks on the orthotics to try to alleviate the numbness -- no help.
NSAIDs don't work and I have not run on it for the 8 week period since symptons developed.
Does it sound like TTS or a nerve issue on between the metatarsals and the phalanges in my foot? Is a cortisone shot in order? I have been patient but am not opposed to trying more aggressive therapy, even surgery (what would recovery time be - estimate?) I did have a nerve conduction test and EMG, results were okay.

Re: Tarsal tunnel or nerve problem?

john on 10/18/04 at 08:28 (161720)

sound familiar after a second opinion my doc is suggesting a mortons neuroma, first was PFthen TTS and now possibly a mortons neuroma, something to consider

Re: Tarsal tunnel or nerve problem?

Nan D on 10/18/04 at 08:42 (161722)

It is most likely morton's neuroma. Be sure to research the HUGE failure rate of surgery before you let anyone cut on your feet. The Docs won't tell you that most people are worse due to the scar tissue from surgery because surgery is where they make BIG bucks!!!

Be patient and do everything conservative and you will probably be able to manage it. I have had severe morton's neuroma(nerve prob), had a cortisone shot and couldn't walk for 3 days! Use a lot of ice, get the proper fitting shoes and orthotics. If your O's are the hard ones, they do NO good at all!