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Swollen Foot

Posted by Jess on 10/18/04 at 06:15 (161716)

My right foot has been swollen for 8 weeks, there was pain at first and I could hardly walk, but now there is either no pain or just a mild ache. Sometimes the swelling spreads to my ankle. It seems to be worse if I'm sitting down for long periods.

I went to the accident and emergency at first, they took blood samples and said something in my blood was slightly elevated to suggest a possible blood clot. They kept me waiting for 5 days far an ultrasound during which time they were giving me anti-coagulant injections in my stomach every 24 hours. The ultrasound scan came back clear, I've also had an x-ray and nothing is broken. I went back to my GP and he gave me water tablets and a compression stocking, but they didn't work. My mother has lymphodema and my GP seems to think that this is what I have, I'm waiting for him to schedule an appointment with a specialist, but this swelling is very unnerving, is there anything I can do in the meantime while waiting for the appointment?

Re: Swollen Foot

Dr. Z on 10/18/04 at 12:40 (161727)

You could also have a stress fracture. These won't show up on x-ray for at least three weeks when we are talking about the foot. An MRI will show you if you have one. Swelling with a stress fracture can last for months. Its time to see a foot specialist.