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4th surgery/still waiting for a miracle

Posted by Karole M on 10/18/04 at 10:03 (161726)

I have not posted in awhile, I had my 4th surgery on 7/21 and after 3 months of recuperation (2 months wheelchair and still using crutches) I have found that I still have a lot of pain - cannot stand for any length of time nor can I have my foot hanging down. I am becoming very concerned as to my total rehabitation. This last surgery was to help my carcaneal nerve - my DR. drilled holes in my heel bone and drained fluid - he told me that there was alot. I had my hopes up that this one would be the miracle. My question is - has anyone had surgery on their carneal nerve -and what was their post operative recovery time? I was hoping after 2 l/2 years that I would see enough improvement to return to work. Now I am not so sure that I will be able to. Can you get disability for this type of medical diagnosis? Can anyone give any suggestions?

Thanking you in advance.

Re: 4th surgery/still waiting for a miracle

Gabriella on 10/18/04 at 13:59 (161732)

Disability? It all depends upon your primary profession. If your previous jobs required you to be on your feet for most of the day, there is a chance that you could get it. If, on the other hand, you had a sit-down type of job, it's doubtful.

Re: 4th surgery/still waiting for a miracle

skull on 11/09/04 at 07:33 (163308)

Gee, if you can't get disability for THIS I don't know what you should be able to get it for.

I'm pursuing self employment at this time. I just can't continue to work on a schedule that is not my foot's.

Its about either quit or be fired. I don't want to get fired, but the constant doctor visits coupled with the days that I just can't walk well enough to go in...ack! That makes me feel so bad because I have never been the type to want to be out a lot. I know how people talk about you when you are out like I have been for the last 7 months.