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po-P.F. surgery strecthing

Posted by ray on 10/18/04 at 14:16 (161736)

i had open pf surgery 4 month ago now i was told to srtecth the foot every day so the lenth of the planter dosent go back to lenth before surgery (now dosent every day activaties strecth the planter ) now when i strecth the planter i feel sore in the area whare the planter was cut ps i do not have insurance so for now p.t.is out please help

Re: po-P.F. surgery strecthing

Dr. Z on 10/18/04 at 14:34 (161741)

Here is what I would do so long as you don't increase your pain. Soak in contrasts baths twice daily - that hot, cold, hot. five minutes each. I would purchase the personal foot trainer. Excellent at home pf device. Draw the ABC's with your foot very lightly. Thats ABCDEFG etc