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Night Splints in Costa Rica

Posted by ticaslick on 10/19/04 at 17:11 (161804)

I am currently living in Costa Rica. Have been to two of the top orthopedic doctors with PF initially in both feet most probably from daily walking 5 kms. on very steep hills. First doctor ended up giving me a shot in both heels. That remedied the right foot but not the left so he gave me another shot within two weeks. Only lasted 48 hours. Went to the other doctor who said, 'Forget the shots,' your legs turn in so you need insoles and stretching exercises. That was in June and no real improvement since. Decided to go online and for the first time really understood what PF is. Noticed lots of comments about night splints, so I started sleeping in my tennis shoes, placing them against a board at the end of the bed. Presto!! It worked. Have had marked improvement but am concerned that this primitive solution may cause other problems. No night splints are available in Costa Rica. I see a wide variety. Could someone give me some feedback on which are the best and why; what I should be looking for; sites????? Thanks, Sharon