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chronic heel pain and eswt

Posted by Benj. on 10/19/04 at 18:04 (161805)

I've had pain in both heels for about 20 years. I think I've tried just about everything to alleviate this pain. To date, I've tried phys. therapy, night splints, stretching, weight training, cortisone injections, acupuncture, and finally a plantar facia release. Nothing makes the least bit of difference. The problem is becoming all the more acute since I now spend considerable time standing. The pain has become a motivating factor in my life and tires me considerably. I am in exellent physical condition. I have a very good diet.

What are my chances with ESWT? Is there an advantage of one ESWT machine over another? What are my chances of insur. coverage (I have BCBS)? Is there a good clinic near Grand Rapids MI.? What is a typical cost for complete treatment of both feet?

I eagerly await your responses. Thanks.


Re: chronic heel pain and eswt

Dr. Z on 10/19/04 at 21:12 (161808)

It you contace me at (email removed) I can have one of our ESWT coordinators send you a packet and explain and answer all of your questions. Feel free to ask me any specifice questions you may have