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stretching after PF release?

Posted by NB on 10/20/04 at 03:43 (161825)

I had PF release 4 weeks ago and have been partially weight bearing since then-I looked at a web site that suggested stretching for 6 weeks after surgery quote 'it is essential'.What do people think ?

Re: stretching after PF release?

april l on 10/20/04 at 07:42 (161828)

Yes! Even before my bandages came off my doctor had me stretching the plantar fascia, same as before surgery. I was weight bearing after three days. My foot was very sensitive to the stretching in the beginning but I did it many times throughout the day as far as I could stretch it. My doctor says it's important to keep it stretched so that it heals in a lengthened position, which is the goal of pf surgery. Doctor also had me rolling golf balls on the bottom of my foot to break up scar tissue.

Re: stretching after PF release?

NB on 10/21/04 at 05:17 (161877)

Thanks April and thankyou for your many messages of support to everyone after surgery. If your surgery was successful then your contributions can only be because of the desire to help others.Thanks again.

Re: stretching after PF release?

april l on 10/22/04 at 22:01 (162007)

You're welcome!