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Morton's Neuroma neurectomy + hammertoe surgery

Posted by Darlene on 10/21/04 at 10:41 (161887)

I may be having a neurectomy in the near future. I also have a hammertoe that isn't a huge problem, but after the neurectomy I may have more shoe choices making it more of a problem.

1. Would it make sense to have both of these done at once?

2. What exactly is done in hammertoe surgery?

3. What would the recovery be like in terms of pain and time?

Thank you.


Re: Morton's Neuroma neurectomy + hammertoe surgery

john on 10/21/04 at 11:17 (161892)

hi Darlene, I am pretty much in the same boat, my first doc, my reg fam doc. thought first maybe some type of neurapathy from my past drinking, then i went to a pod. he first suggested PF and I bought custom othodics. to no evail. so he ordered a MRI- came back neg. Then he said maybe TTS so I got an EMG came back abnormal for whatever that means but neualogist seemes to think TTS. I figured one last opinion before i got surgery now my ortho. doc is suggesy=ting a mortons neuroma and no i am getting an ultra sound, and i guess in a weird way i kinda am hoping it is that as opposed to TTS, but not so easy for me he says I may have TTS also. my only advice is take your time before they cut. hey as a builder i always enforse the 'measure twice -cut once' motto. I guess i should expect the same from my Docs. Good Luck. People in here are great source of info. Peace all

Re: Morton's Neuroma neurectomy + hammertoe surgery

Annette on 10/22/04 at 07:29 (161958)

my mom had surgery for her hammer toe, they removed part of the bone in her toe so that her toe would lie flat, she had to stay off her feet for a little but she is very happy with the results.