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Vioxx & Celebrex

Posted by john h on 10/22/04 at 10:01 (161968)

I live near a large Air Force Base. The base pharamacy has advised all that they have pulled both Vioxx and Celebrex off of their available drugs. I was supprised to see the Celebrex pulled and no reason was given. If they pulled Celebrex out of military pharamacies world wide that is a lot of Celebrex. Military pharmacies do not carry all drugs and they use generics where possible. If there are 5 drugs that treat a particular condition they may only carry 2-3 of these. I think the pharamicies are divided into areas where the area Commander who makes decisions on what drugs will be carried in his area so it may be that this is only in our area or it could be a nation or world wide decision for the military.

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Kathy G on 10/22/04 at 10:15 (161972)

As I've said, I believe there's a definite possibility that the FDA will make Phizer pull Bextra and Celebrex and do long-term studies on them to see if they also increase the risk of cardiac events and stroke. That's just my opinion.

I went to my gynecologist recently and she was lamenting the loss of Vioxx as she often prescribed it for short-term use. I still think it will appear under a new name, with different labeling, saying it is safe for short-term use.

I'll bet that the government is trying to save money and that's why it's pulled Celebrex from the base shelves. Most insurance companies wouldn't approve Vioxx or Celebrex without a prior authorization from the prescribing physician. They want people to take drugs like Naprosyn, Relafin or one of the many others that are cheaper. This just gives them more ammunition.

Celebrex lacks one single molecule that Vioxx had and Phizer claims that single molecule is the difference that makes Celebrex safe. So far, they haven't been challenged by any studies showing differently.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but for now, watch insurance companies claim that they are concerned about people's health and therefore not paying for anything but the old-fashioned, cheaper anti-inflammatories. It's not health or safety; it's pure economics.

Just my opinion...

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/22/04 at 10:52 (161977)

I think that you 'hit the nail on the head.'

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Cyndi on 10/29/04 at 10:48 (162409)

Celebrex lacks one single molecule that Vioxx had and Phizer claims that single molecule is the difference that makes Celebrex safe. So far, they haven't been challenged by any studies showing differently.

This was copied from Kathy's post:

Can you tell me the one ingredient please? I have taken Celebrex for years, But my Hubby was taking Vioxx, changed to Celebrex when no more Vioxx available, and it did not help him

Thanks Kathy!

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Tina H on 10/29/04 at 20:38 (162441)

Cyndi- They are not talking about a single 'ingredient', but rather just a small part of the over all structure of the molecule. These 2 are very similar molecules. Molecules are things made of different types of atoms joined together. Although I don't have the exact structures there are probabally just one to a few atoms that are different between the two. I'll try to find the chemical composition and get back to you. Tina

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Cyndi on 10/30/04 at 19:05 (162573)

Thanks for the info Tina - no trouble researching is needed

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Kathy G on 10/31/04 at 10:08 (162615)

Tina is right and I have no idea how to explain the molecule; I just know that it's what Phizer is hanging its hat on because it seems that the two drugs are almost identical except for that one molecule which scientists say causes the problems with Vioxx.

Is your husband taking two Celebrex a day? I was taking only one Vioxx but find that I have to take Celebrex twice a day. If he's taking it for osteoarthritis, that's what they usually prescribe. My doctor said to fool around with it and see how I do, but so far one doesn't seem to do the trick.

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex

Tina H on 10/31/04 at 21:36 (162655)

Cyndi and Kathy - I was surprised to learn that the Cox 2 inhibitors, Bextra, Celebrex and Vioxx are more different structurally than I thought, although they have a similar mode of action, inhibiting the Cox 2 enzyme which plays a role in inflammation. Following are the chemical compositon for these three, Sorry the numbers should be subscripts.
Celebrex C16H14N2O3S Bextra C17H14F3N3O2S Vioxx C17H14O4S Don't think this really tells us lay people anything, specifics of mode of action would be more interesting, but it's too late for me to try to fiqure that out tonight. Maybe another time... Tina

Re: Vioxx & Celebrex PS. any pharmacists

Tina H on 10/31/04 at 21:39 (162656)

Any pharmacists visiting who could explain the difference in mode of action for these 3? Guess we are most interested in the unfortunate side effects blood pressure changes, increase in allergic response of other chemicals, antibiotics (bextra) etc. Many Thanks!Tina