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will ncv/emg test aggrevate pain if RSD is suspected?

Posted by rekha on 10/22/04 at 20:52 (162005)

the neurologist wants to see if I have TTS. He is not convinced it is RSD, although I am pretty sure it is because an outside pain dr has told me so.

the neurologist is within my hmo, so I have to do this test so they can see if nerve entrapment is there. I am worried that if I indeed have RSD then NCV test will aggrevate the pain further which is already unbearable.I hear that it can do that to RSD pain.

I kind of dont have a choice but to go thru with the test, although I want to cancel it

also is it possible to have BOTH TTS and RSD? any advice? I am in extreme pain, walking with a cane/crawling in a matter of weeks from this nerve injury. all I was doing was stretching my foot.

please advise