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EMG Results positive for TSS :(

Posted by Brocha F. on 10/22/04 at 22:41 (162009)

I had an EMG done on tuesday 10/19 for my ankles and feet pain. The results are in and they say i definitely have tarsal tunnel syndrome in my left ankle. The neurologist said it has been there for years that it is not a new thing, it's just that i am extremely pain tolerant so he can only imagine the amount of pain i am in now that it drove me to seek medical attention. unfortunately they have tried everything possible for it and nothing has worked so i need to have the surgery on my left foot/ankle. Other than that i am in constant agony and i am really having a hard time dealing with this. i can barely walk and i am so drained. i hope the surgery helps. I will know a date for the surgery as soon as they have the results of am MRI i took today. the MRI will show where the nerve is under stress and being pinched. I am happy to finally have a solid diagnosis, but on the other hand frustrated with the pain of this diagnosis.


Re: EMG Results positive for TSS :(

Geri on 10/23/04 at 12:19 (162020)

I am so glad you finally have a diagnosis. If you definately decide on surgery do you have a surgeon in mind? Be very choosey as to whom you finally settle on. Be sure your Doctor has done many of these surgery's, and can tell you all about the recovery period. There are many of us on this board that have had surgery with varied results, depending on the cause usually. I am 1 year post-op and can share many experiences that I faced this last year. There are many on the board that have surgery in the year 2004 that can help answer questions also. I can tell you I knew when it was time for surgery!! The pain had worn me down and there was nothing left to try. My Doctors and I tried for a year prior to surgery to get rid of the pain. Best of luck to you.

Re: EMG Results positive for TSS :(

LARA on 10/24/04 at 09:19 (162056)

Surgery was recommended for me, and the doctor 'gave' me some compression socks while I thought about it. I never did have the surgery. It didn't cure me, but it made my life very manageable - although I doubt I could go back to a job that required standing 8 hours. They don't work for lots of people, but if they do work they are like magic. Even if they work, you could still go ahead and have the surgery but might get some relief in the meantime.

Re: EMG Results positive for TSS :(

john n on 10/25/04 at 17:48 (162137)

hi lara could you tell me more about those compression socks. i would like to give them a try, heck might as well at this point. my luck it will prbally be trhe easiest and most commone sence thing that will help me. i hate thought of surgery in that area.

Re: EMG Results positive for TSS :(

LARA on 10/26/04 at 09:22 (162171)

I got my compression socks from the doctor but I think I know how to find them elsewhere.

I have seen them in large grocerty stores, and some drug stores. It may depend on what part of the country you live in where you can find them, but they should be available over-the-counter somewhere. They are also in Medical Supply stores.

They are generally advertised as socks for people with varicose veins in their legs (because there are far more people with varicose veins who wear them than people with TTS). I understand they are often used by doctors following surgery also. Generally they are found with the medical stuff, not with socks and notions.

They come in various degrees of compression - mild, moderate and something more than moderate but I don't know what they call it.

The mild are available in anklets (but I've never seen these in the store - I got them from my doctor), knee-highs, and panty-hose. I believe the strongest compression comes only in panty-hose but I'm not sure.

I like the anklets best for general use but use knee-highs also. YOu might try the knee-highs and if they help, then track down how to order the anklets. My doctor gets them from some mail-order place for medical supplies. The knee-highs leave a funny (but easily tolerated) feeling on my shins - but I have skinny legs (if only the rest of me. . . but I digress) so I like anklets better, but if you can't find anklets, you can at least test out whether they help with the knee-highs.

I started with mild, and they helped right away (although it took weeks/months until I stabilized - but improving all the time). In fact they helped so much sometimes I put two socks on my foot - but when they got too tight I took one of them off.

If I had to do it over, I'd probably start with the moderates. I now have a collection of milds and moderates, anklets and knee-highs, and depends on what I'm wearing and where I'm going which one I decide to wear.

There isn't much more to explain that I can think of, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

There is one thing to be careful of. There are socks that advertise as doing something special, and have special ribbing at the arch. I've seen them with running socks, and in Vermont Country stores. Generally they are made of cotton or other kind of synthetic sock material - but they look like socks, not 'nylons'. Compression socks look like nylons, not socks. And compression socks have a 'compression number'. The box on compression socks generally have a number range after the 'mild' or 'moderate'. I can't remember the numbers correctly, but it should look something like: Mild (10#-15#). If it doesn't have that they probably aren't compression socks (although I love the running socks - they are comfortable - on top of my compression socks.