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Another Massage Lead

Posted by Dorothy on 10/24/04 at 01:51 (162049)

If there are any of you in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area, you might find this useful, if you don't already know it. I received a publication in the mail about the U of I there and info. about some community news. An article about a Physical Therapy (I think) facility/company there caught my eye and the owners/therapists' last name is Mettlar (?Mettler) and they perform a massage technique called Mettlar Release Therapy.
I know nothing about it. It does seem that lots of PTs are putting their own name to a massage technique that might be similar to that of other PTs ('Muscle Release Therapy', 'Active Release Therapy', etc.) Maybe they are all different, I have no idea. If you are in the C-U area, you might be interested in this facility/technique. You would have to look in your phone book; I don't know other info. about it. The Mettlar(Mettler) name should lead you to it.