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Jack LaLanne

Posted by Linda V on 10/25/04 at 12:39 (162104)

I remember as a little girl when I was home from school sick..watching this almost middle aged guy in great shape doing the exercise show. Saw an article in the paper today with a picture of him at his 90th Birthday celebration. Still going strong! Wish my feet would allow me to jump rope like he used to---exercise, diet, (and good genes) have certainly paid off for him.

Re: Jack LaLanne

SteveG on 10/25/04 at 19:10 (162140)

Linda - I remember watching Jack here is the Seattle area when I was little. He was the fitness guru long before it became a fashion. He had a German Shepard too, but I can't recall what the dog was doing on an exercise show!

Re: Jack LaLanne

Dorothy on 10/25/04 at 23:41 (162156)

I LOVE Jack LaLanne! He has written that HIS 'guru' was Paul Bragg who is credited with having started health food stores and the physical fitness movement in the U.S. As a teenager, LaLanne went to one of Bragg's lectures in California and from then on, LaLanne's passion was fitness and health. Jack LaLanne is pretty amazing. I also remember watching him as a kid - and if only everyone had done what he said, eh?
I think Jack LaLanne was maybe 80 or so when he swam across ?San Francisco Bay? pulling boats with a rope in his mouth! The facts escape me now, but it was an amazing feat. I wonder if he HAS amazing feet!

Re: Jack LaLanne

Linda V on 10/26/04 at 07:29 (162163)

I think I was about 10 or 11 when his show was very popular. Just starting to notice boys...and i DISTINCTLY remember the jumpsuit that he used to wear, and that he was the first man i had ever noticed whose body looked like a 'V'...he was SO broadshouldered and narrow waisted. Yes, Steve, I remember the german shepard too..and i remember hearing about his amazing performances at 80, Dorothy. What a guy!! Happy 90th Jack, and many more!!

Re: Jack LaLanne

john h on 10/26/04 at 10:53 (162176)

Before Jack there was Charles Atlas. He would take a NYC phone directory and tear it in half with his hands. He had those silly ads in magazines and papers where the beach bully kicks sand into a nerds face. The nerd reads about Charles Atlas program. Becomes like The Rock and beats up the beach bully.

Re: and other trivia

Linda V on 10/26/04 at 19:26 (162220)

so..lets not make this easy...who remembers what IBBY stands for..or Mr Peabody..or Buster Browns..or Miss Jean and the weatherman? Lots of baby boomers out there? What do YOU remember? N-E-S-T-L-E-S..nestles make the very best...chocolate..what was the name of the dog?

Re: and other trivia

Suzanne D. on 10/26/04 at 19:37 (162221)

I remember the Buster Brown shoes, Linda. Do you also remember the Red Goose shoes? I remember when you bought a pair, the clerk would pull on the neck of this red plastic goose on the counter, and an egg would roll out which contained little toys and prizes.

Funny what you remember, isn't it?!
Suzanne :)

Re: and other trivia

Dorothy on 10/26/04 at 21:07 (162230)


Re: and other trivia

Kathy G on 10/27/04 at 07:40 (162240)

I loved that ad! And I remember Buster Brown shoes but not the others you mentioned, Suzanne. Do any of you remember watching 'Annie Oakley' or 'Sky King?' Those were two of my favorite shows. Other than those, the only other thing I watched fairly regularly was the 'Mickey Mouse Club.' I loved the Spin and Marty series and the Annette series. Of course, in the morning, while my mother braided my hair, I watched 'Captain Kangaroo.'

Yes, Linda, a lot of us are baby boomers - which is to say, many of us are very young, vibrant people! :)

Re: and other trivia

Linda V on 10/27/04 at 13:52 (162268)

IBBY was Major Mudds quick way of saying, 'I'll be blasting you.' He was a guy in spacesuit who introduced morning cartoons..perhaps only in the Boston area. Same with Miss Jean, who looked into her magic mirror to see us all and say hello. Mr. Peabody and his student Sherman was a cartoon where they set the 'wayback' machine and went back in time. And yes, Farfell was the dog Dorothy.
I remember Capt Kangaroo, and his buddy Mr. Green Jeans. But my favorite was Rex Trailer and his horse Goldrush...and his buddy Pedro.
I admit I don't even understand the cartoons of today, although some friends tell that spongebob squarepants is a hoot.

Re: and other trivia

Suzanne D. on 10/27/04 at 15:21 (162274)

Yes, I remember 'Annie Oakley', Kathy! My favorites were Dale Evans and Roy Rodgers singing 'Happy Trails to you, until we meet again...'

I liked 'Captain Kangaroo' and 'The Mickey Mouse Club', too. T.V. wasn't too complicated then, was it? Three channels to choose from, and that was that. Now a person can flip through channels until the programs are half over before they choose one!

Suzanne :)