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Anyone had ESWT in Dallas?

Posted by Connie H on 10/26/04 at 13:55 (162191)

Hi y'all,

I am looking for a good podiatrist in the Dallas area. Have any of you had ESWT through United Shockwave in Dallas? I checked the 'Rate Your Doctor' page on this site, but it wasn't too helpful. I've got a list from the United Shockwave website, but I know nothing about these doctors. We called a few of the offices, and they did say the cost was $500 per foot, complete, for treatment & follow up. Since we've determined this is not covered by insurance, (unless I appeal) I'm trying to find the best deal, as well as the best doc. Can anyone help?


Re: Anyone had ESWT in Dallas?

vince on 10/30/04 at 13:48 (162525)

Use any doc on the united list whose fee is what you can handle, they are all well trained- Don't even be concerned if it's the first time they are doing ESWT. Your only concern with the doc is his ability to give an efficient PT and Sural nerve block- the tech that will assist the doc has probably performed many 100's of treaments. The tech that assisted the doc who I went to had done over 1000 treatments for united. I actualy had more confidence in him than I did in the doc for starters. GOOD LUCK, you're making a smart choice having this done.

Re: Thanks Vince

Connie H on 11/01/04 at 09:40 (162680)

Thanks for the encouragement. I wondered about the tech factor. :) I'm calling today to make an appointment. I have to try something! I know that everybody reacts differently to treatments. I avoided cortizone shots for years because they were described in Scott's book as 'horrific', but I thought they were pretty minor. (they helped for about 1 month, then the pain was back--no more for me) It's just hard picking a name out of a phone book, so to speak. If I were close to Dr. Z or one of the other Doc's who post here, I'd go there in a heartbeat! But since I'm not, I'm looking closer to home. Thanks again.

Connie H.