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Had TTS surgery a week ago

Posted by Camilla on 10/27/04 at 10:23 (162256)

Well, I finally got it done. I feel so relieved. I had a super surgeon. Well actually, I had two surgeons. One did my leg and the other did my foot. I can already feel some relief. I am walking around, slowly but I am walking! I get the stitches out next Monday. I haven't had to use crutches or a walker or anything! I just wanted to post this for people who are wary and afraid of the surgery. There is a hope! Just make sure you have a good doctor/surgeon. My doctor has worked with Dr. Dellon in Maryland and Dellon is supposed to be a fab doc. I am going to have the next one done after the first of the year. I am so lucky to have found a good surgeon! Keep the faith folks!

P.S. If you live in Texas, let me know and I will tell you his name.

Re: Had TTS surgery a week ago

Camilla on 10/27/04 at 10:30 (162258)

I forgot to mention I went to Wal-Mart three days after the surgery! Mind you, I didn't walk through the place, but used the little scooter, lol..boy, did I get the looks because I am only thirty three...but, I had to get out of the house!

Re: Had TTS surgery a week ago

Mia on 10/28/04 at 04:11 (162305)

Great! I'm glad you are doing so well. I have hope that my surgery today ends with the same results. I'm 33 yr. old as well, and feel I'll be able to get around pretty good myself. Plus, I have things I need to do in the next couple days with my kids - LOL! I do know I'll have limitations, but I expect to be able to get out and do what needs done. Of course, not as quickly and with some help the first couple days!

Best of luck with your recovery! I'll be thinking about you. Please keep in touch....I would love to talk more with you in the next couple days to compare notes.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the site. You have helped my nerves for today! I guess I need to go get ready.....I'm off to have my surgery this morning.

Take care,

Re: Had TTS surgery a week ago

Camilla on 10/28/04 at 09:41 (162316)

I am keeping you in my thoughts today! Just be sure that for today and tomorrow you don't have to do anything. Today you are going to be zonked from being put under anesthesia. Just lie in bed when ya get home and relax. Believe me, thatw as easy to do, lol...
I am so glad I was able to calm someone's nerves about the procedure. I was scared to death, but to tell you the truth it wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just make sure you take your pain meds! And don't sit on the computer for too long. The blood will rush to your foot and cause it to swell.
I would love to keep in touch. I will be checking in every few hours tomorrow to see if you posted. I am sure you ain't going to be posting today! lol...
I am thinking of you! Remember you will be fine! :-)

Re: Had TTS surgery a week ago

Camilla on 10/28/04 at 09:45 (162317)

I forgot to mention bathing. This is the hardest part. They told me to not use a trash bag because it will leak and you can't get the wound wet for a couple of weeks. So, I used a trash bag and wrapped it up way past my knee and taped it up several times and real tight AND I hang my whole leg out the bath tub. This isn't easy, but when you feel dirty you will do anyhting to get clean. Wash your hair with a big cup so you don't have to bend. Some might have to help getting out. I didn't. I just used my arms for all my weight and took it slow and was really careful. YOU CAN DO IT!

I hope this gives you some ideas....GOOD LUCK!!! :-D

Re: camilla

mark g on 10/30/04 at 01:37 (162473)

hi, i am in san antonio. i had tts surgery in feb. in colorado. i am worse than before. so have come to my folks due to limited function. 3 surgeons say i need it redone. 2 orthos and one peripheral nerve surgeon. i also had surgery to repair dislocating peroneal tendons. the docs say that needs redone as well. as you can imagine i'm not too excited about that. my dr. in colorado was supposed to be 'one of the best'. i am trying everything before i go that route again. but knowing of someone who has had success is encouraging. finding drs. who i have confidence in is a frightening prospect. good to know you are doing so well. who and where is your dr. located? and what kind of dr. is he?
best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

Re: camilla

Camilla on 10/30/04 at 12:04 (162509)

I am so disappointed and sorry to hear what you are going through. I can not even imagine. My doctors name is Charles Edward Singleton. He is a podiatrist and has worked with Dr. Dellon. Dr. Dellon's site gives you a locater where you can find a doc in your area that he has trained. It is a fabulous site.
Oh, Dr. Singleton is loacted in Watuaga, Texas...about 45 minutes from Dallas. I feel so lucky to have found him.
Please keep me posted if you wish on what you decide to do. I think it is important for all of us to communicate as we all can compare notes and maybe even help one another through it all. Having support through all of it I think is one of the most important factors.
Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes. Ditto back to you! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! :-)

Re: Mark

Darlene on 10/30/04 at 15:18 (162547)


I know how you feel. I had failed surgery in January for Morton's neuroma and have now developped tts. Now I'm having a lot of knee pain too due to the way I'm walking.

Did they say what was done wrong that would require a re-do? What were your symptoms before and how about now?


Re: Had TTS surgery a week ago

Mia on 10/30/04 at 17:11 (162563)

Hello again! I'm glad to see you emailed back. I'm doing great after my surgery and very glad I had it. The doctor was surprised by what he saw underneather the ligiments (a big knot where the nerves branch and a bone fragment - he said it was very interesting and my case was the talk of the day again) Honestly, I'm getting around great and the only pain I have is the incision.
Yes- I make sure to take my pain med's and they have helped. Plus, I'm more mobile and don't need much help to do much of anything. I'm just not very fast at doing it yet!
Take care and I look forward to talking more with you soon.


Re: Mark

mark g on 10/31/04 at 03:00 (162596)

i'm told the nerve release was incomplete. very short incision. and laterally i have a torn peroneal brevis tendon and thickened tendons along with tenosynovitis. none of that was present in my presugery mri. also the mounts used to reattach my retinaculum are poking my skin and one has a large, sharp suture knot which is quite uncomfortable. BEFORE surgery i did not have a tinel's. i sure do now! i had a deep, constant ache from my ankle to my arch and the back of my heel through the whole sole of my foot. laterally, it ached just around the ankle and had tendon popping and instability. it was 20 months from my injury til surgery. i too developed knee, hip, and back pain. as well as problems with the other foot from compensating for so long. NOW, pain has increased in every area and more diffuse. top of feet, achilles',
side of leg on surgery side, othr knee. my entire body is out of whack. it feels to me like i have tts and pf in both feet. the drs don't say much about that. i'm told i don't have rsd. i don't know if they really know, but i sure pray i don't. i take no meds. i was loaded up on them for so long they totally screwed me up. i just use lidoderm patches. they help a bit. and lots of ice. i have a tens unit which helps a little sometimes. i was extremely active. i can't be on my feet for ten minutes or walk 200 yards. occasionally i'll spin on my bike in easy gears, but that is painful. the only activity which doesn't aggravate
my feet is swimming. it is actually soothing! especially in cool water.
i try to get in a 50 minute swim 3 days a week. hopefully it stays very mild all winter because i swim in a lake. can't handle the confinement and chlorine of a pool. hopefully soon my data gathering and dr locating will bring me to a solution. if no form of therapy or treatment will improve this, i will, with the best dr possible consent to further surgery. i hope you can resolve your tts without surgery. ~mark~

Re: camilla

mark g on 10/31/04 at 03:14 (162599)

thank you camilla. that is a great site. there are 2 dellon trained pods here. i actually spoke to their office months ago, but they wouldn't see me due to work comp. will try to work around that. other drs. have accepted prepayment from insurance. but it ain't easy. it usually takes weeks for them to accept, if they will, then weeks to get an appt. i shall persevere. thanks again.

Re: Mark

Darlene on 10/31/04 at 12:39 (162627)

I agree with you on the swimming. You're so lucky to be able to swim in a lake. I hate chlorine pools, but I've learned to get used to it. It's so important to get some cardio exercise and I always feel better afterward.

I didn't know that they reattach the retinaculum. I guess that's a disolvable stitch which is bothering you. I wonder if they do it in a way that makes it longer. Do you know what an incomplete release is?

The pf pain you feel may be the tts pain from the calcaneal nerve to your heel. Thankfully, it's not RSD.

It's a tough call on how much time to put into alternative treatments since the altered gait puts such a strain on the rest of the body. The big question is how to find the best doctor.