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Posted by Amy on 10/27/04 at 15:27 (162275)

I have had PF for about a year, but only been treated for around 4 months. Tried custom orthotics, vioxx with no results. Ice and stretching seem to help a little. I had cortisone injections in both feet two days ago. I felt bruised after for about a day. Now one foot feels good but the other is immensely sore in the area of the injection. I read online that crystals in the cortisone can cause this, and that time and ice are all you can do. I think it's weird that it's only in one foot though my pain is equal in both.

Just wondering if anyone else here has experienced this? Any advice?

Re: cortisone

David R on 10/30/04 at 07:02 (162479)

Depending on how severe the PF is depends on how long it will take to recover. I still have it but have recovered alot. The following is what I found have worked for me.

1.)Custom Soft Orthotics
2.)Change out good shoes is 3 to 6 month cycle (No matter who makes the shoe)
3.)use Ice and elevation (18 Minutes Copec wraps) Once a day at least.

The orthotics are doing most of the work. They are important but so are good shoes and changed out.

The soft orthotics last a year. My healing from the orthotics has come in 3 month increments. So if you think there is a quick fix to this problem it is probably not going to happen.

The next thing that I am trying is Night Splints to excelerate things. It may be the next compination that works in this senerio.