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please can anyone give me a answer?

Posted by jeannie m on 10/27/04 at 16:38 (162281)

Well here i am 5 weeks post eswt and still no better.I finally saw my doctor who was away and we discussed my footwear (Everyday and waitressing) and decided maybe i was coming down too hard on my heels. He told me to get spenco poly othodics (heel cushoned) and pretty much said my custom othodics were not good (not made by him). I was so excited to have a game plan but here we go again with my arches killing me. I tried to call him but he doesn't return my calls. Will i ever get used to the othodics?I have tried so many timeswith other ones. He said something to the effect that if the othodics hurt it will never get better.They ALL seem to make my arch hurt even lower ones. It is like a catch 22. My girlfriend got eswt when i did and didn't use anything and she is better now although she stayed out of work (waitress too) She did buy birkies to start back work next week after 4 months off so we will see how she fares then. Anyhow what to do?? Keep trying the soft othodics or just try and get good shoes. I am off work for 2 more weeks and then......If i try an hour a day and still hurt then what ? any advise greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Pauline on 10/27/04 at 18:51 (162288)

I'm not a doctor, but my experience with orthotics has been a negative one.
I had several pairs made and they all hurt so I finally put them in a bag and designed my own type of insert using Dr. Scholls 'blue' shoe liners in my running shoes a soft cushion foot pad on top of that and I had a shoemaker make me a 1/8 in heel pad from cork that tapers off at the end of my heel going toward my arch.

I placed the heel pad on the bottom, the blue shoe liner next and the thin cushion on top. Then I also began taping my arches on a daily basis using Scott's method described in his heel pain book found on this site.

This trial and error product provided me with pain relief which I never got from wearing the orthotics. Everytime I wore the custom orthotics they pushed against my inflamed arch and the pain was unbearable.

I hate to tell you to try what I did because I don't know if you'll get enough support or not. My arches are fairly low so anything that has a higher arch, even a Birkenstock cause me pain.

You might just have to experment to see if you can design something more comfortable. Maybe even cutting out the center of the orthotic when it pushes against your painful area.

I think many have found taping does help so you may want to try that.

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Chris F. on 10/27/04 at 23:53 (162303)

Hi Pauline,
I'm not a doctor but have been living with heel spur pain all of my adult life (I'm 46). About 20 years ago I had custom orthotics made for both feet by a certified podiatrist and they did help alot. The pain subsided but as the years progressed the pain slowly returned until I finally had surgery on my right foot about 4 years ago. It was an outpatient procedure that lasted about an hour under sedation with about 2-3 weeks recovery time with tenderness another 3 weeks. Once the healing was done it was a night and day difference in pain! I still wear the orthotics because I have a very high arch but the pain in my right foot has virtually disappeared. Unfortunately the spur on my left is flaring up and it's time to do the surgery on the left. I've been putting it off trying different orthotics (dr.scholl, footsmart stor, footsolutions store, etc.) I've tried them all and they are all just band-aids waiting for you to do the surgery. I did figure out that the orthotics act differently depending on what shoes you wear them in. Because each shoe you wear has different interior dimensions the way the orthotics fits in the shoe will determine if your feet will hurt or not. If the orthotics don't fit all the way so your heel rests PERFECTLY in the heel cup area, then when you walk or stand your heel will keep hitting the wrong part of the orthotic causing continued pain. I was switching my inserts from shoe to shoe with brand new custom orthotics and my heels would hurt in some shoes but not in others. Finally I just decided to wear only one pair of shoes all the time that the orthotics fit well. It's imperative that when you put your shoes on, your heel is in the cup and the arch is nicely supported. This may mean that you'll have different supports for different shoes, expensive but the alternative is painful heels being made worse by orthotics that don't fit the shoes properly. Good Luck.

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Benj. on 10/28/04 at 18:32 (162359)

I've had chronic heel pain for many years. During that time I've had 4 different orthoticts made. The first three were made by podiatrists. They were expensive and only partially successfull. The last orthodic I had made at a sports medicine clinic by a trainer after going through many tests including a gait analysis on the treadmill. The resultant orthodics were amazing. I'm a runner and shaved 15% off my first marathon with the new orthodics. I suppose the point is that not all orthodics are created equal. Do the research. Don't necessarily assume that the doctor is infallible. And I wish you the very best in healing.

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Dr. Z on 10/28/04 at 18:50 (162361)

Tell us more about the inserts. Were they hard, soft. How were they casted
sitting or semi-weight bearing.

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Donald Iain Scott on 10/29/04 at 06:09 (162385)

Jeannie m,
A simple test to see if your footwear is correct. Get a piece of cardboard, stand on it and with an ordinary pen draw an outline of your foot/feet. Cut out the patterns and check for symmetry.(Foot length and width) If you can insert the cardboard template into the shoes WITHOUT crushing the cardboard then that pair of shoes is OK. If NOT its retail therapy time. Shoe size is NOT important ONLY FIT. Orthotics will only work if you have enough room in the shoe for the orthotic and the whole of YOUR foot
Donald Iain Scott

Re: please can anyone give me a answer?

Lori S. on 10/30/04 at 01:28 (162471)

Jeannie ,
I am 4 1/2 weeks post ESTW, and the last week has been just shy of H E double hockey sticks. The pain has increased dramatically, and I have just decided I cannot walk or be on my feet more than 1 hour a day without dying in pain. The pain comes on quickly and makes me nauseas(sp). I have regressed to crawling again most nights. I just hope I am on the road to recovery, because if this doesnt pass soon I dont know what I am going to do. I am tired of pain, the tears , crawling.

I have tried several different orthotics over the last 3 years. Hard, soft, over the counter, custom, it doesnt matter they kill my feet. Even my podiatrist has told me not to wear any of them. Everytime I tried one, it was like taking several steps backwards, starting all over again and a severe increase in pain. I live in Birks. I have actually thought about trying some birk orthotics(so i might be able to wear different shoes), But I have always loved birks, so now i have a reason to buy them.

I hope you have some relief soon,,,, I hope everyone here finds the niche in their pf to at least get a break. I am not suggesting you stop wearing orthotics, just know that tho they say its a must,, it is a must not for me.

wishes for a painfree day,