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plantarfascitis itching

Posted by jsewell on 10/27/04 at 21:01 (162293)

I am a PE teacher and a Jazzercise instructor. I have had feet trouble for a long time and finally did something about it. I found that I had a bone spur and plantarfascitis. I had the spur removed over the summer and have cared for the Plantarfacitis for a long time now. I have had cortizone shots directly into the fascia itself which eased it temporarily, I have stretched and iced it, I have quit exercising completely. The bottom of my feet still continue to swell slightly, however they are better than they were. My question is about an isolated itch and swelling that occurs every so often on the bottom of my left foot and feels exactly like a mosquito bite but is not. It occurs at work and in my sleep. It itches so bad and after an hour or so, it will disappear. What is this? The only thing I have not done is lose weight in which I could definitely stand to do.
Any thoughts on this. I am so discouraged as it has affected my careers terribly.