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Posted by Necee on 10/28/04 at 17:21 (162351)

I just returned from early voting.

I was shocked to discover that I was unable to vote!
Seems that when we got our vehicles registered in the new county that we are moving to, it automatically removes your name from the voter registration list in the old county. I was not even registered in the county that I'm moving from, even though I had my voter registration card with me.
The clerk told me that they 'purge' the system ever so often....and apparently I got booted out. Can you imagine that.
Has anyone else had a situation like this?


Re: Voting

Dorothy on 10/28/04 at 17:43 (162352)

Necee - You're in Texas, as I recall. I have never experienced this, but I was listening to KMOX radio today (no joy in Mudville!)which is St. Louis and 50,000 clear channel watts so it has a mighty wide coverage area and online - anyway, there was a brief feature about this very issue: people who have moved since registering and then hearing rumors that they would be unable to vote. The county clerk was advising people that they could make the changes even now - however, at least in St. Louis, it would not prevent them from voting; it would just delay them at the polling place while the change was affected. This should be a 'heads up' to all for whom this is an issue - get your records up to date and get out and VOTE!!!

All of this early voting - I vote against it!!

Re: Voting

Carole C in NOLA on 10/28/04 at 19:28 (162367)

Oh, Necee! I am shocked too. I know how much voting means to you (as it does to me). Can you register to vote in the new county, quickly?

How awful.

Luckily I haven't moved since the last time I voted, last month. I'm looking forward to voting in this election, too.

There are supposed to be big crowds, so I hope that I go there at a 'slack time'. It took people up to 3-4 hours to absentee/early vote in my parish (=county). The turnout is expected to be enormous.

I hope you can figure out a way to be able to vote!

Carole C

Re: Voting

Suzanne D. on 10/28/04 at 20:29 (162369)

I'm sure that was a shock, Necee! How terrible for you. Can you vote in the county where you are moving?

It's a good thing you found this out before Election Day. I hope you can get something worked out to enable you to vote.

Suzanne :)