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Prepare to Quake in Your Boots!

Posted by Dorothy on 10/28/04 at 18:32 (162358)

This just in:


Researchers at the University of Florida have created a neural network
made up of 25,000 disembodied rat neurons and hooked it up to a flight
simulator on a desktop computer. The neurons, which are growing on top of a
multi-electrode array, are fed information about the simulated F-22's
horizontal and vertical movements by stimulating the electrodes, causing
them to fire in patterns that are then used to control the aircraft. 'It's
as if the neurons control the stick in the aircraft, they can move it back
and forth and left and right,' says UF professor Thomas DeMarse. 'The
electrodes allow us to record the activity from the neurons and stimulate
them so we can listen to the conversation among the neurons and also input
information back into the neural network.' Thus far, the network has
'learned' how to control the fighter jet's pitch and roll in a broad range
of weather conditions, but DeMarse plans to improve the system by having the
'brain' use a horizon to judge how well it's controlling the aircraft. The
goal is to find out how the neurons communicate with each other and
eventually translate that knowledge into the development of a novel
computing architecture.

Re: Prepare to Quake in Your Boots!

marie on 10/28/04 at 19:16 (162364)

OK that was over my head but sounds fascinating.