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running shoes.

Posted by karlene on 10/29/04 at 22:28 (162449)

Hi all,
need some help selecting running shoes for my PF. I am trying desperately to lose some weight so I need the exercise. Years past, I have had success with Saucony grid hurricanes.... but, the time has come to try something different and I need some reccomendations.
also, I need some reccomendations for othotics.
thanks for the help

Re: running shoes.

Linda V on 10/29/04 at 22:32 (162451)

My doc likes me in New Balance 880 runners..of course, just to wear walking, not to really run in. I also wear the green superfeet over the counter insoles. I have custom orthotics, but can't seem to wear them for long, so i keep them in my bedroom slippers for the 30 minutes or so in the morning....good luck. sometimes it takes a while to find whats right for you. your POD or c-ped will recommend what is right for your particular type of foot and problem.

Re: running shoes.

Kathy G on 10/31/04 at 10:26 (162617)


It seems to be trial and error as far as running shoes are concerned. I don't know if there are any Sports Authority stores in your area, but I found out they have a ninety-day return policy. If a shoe hurts you, as long as it isn't all torn or looks like you've been wading in it or something, they'll take it back and give you full credit. Not a store credit, but your money back.

For me, this is great because I can't always tell if a shoe is going to work out for me and it takes me a long time to break it in.

Hope you can find something!