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Social Support

Posted by Bob G on 10/30/04 at 01:09 (162470)

I thought this site was social support - but now, after reading posts, I don't feel welcome because I am a Republican.

Re: Social Support

Dorothy on 10/30/04 at 03:15 (162478)

How silly. Welcome by whom? Me? I'm just another poster, not a welcoming or non-welcoming committee. Equal 'footing' all around, my opinions and yours. Your politics don't matter to me and mine shouldn't matter to you. You're trying to get a big ole 'pick sides' routine going.
It usually doesn't take much effort to be successful at that here, so have at it. However, be straightforward about it - don't be disingenuous. Nobody here cares whether you are Republican or not. You're just wanting people to rise up and say 'oh, Bob G. - you are so very welcome here. It's that nasty non-Republican person - Dorothy - that we will get mad at!' Get over it. Be a Republican if you want, but at least have a backbone about it. Be a really excellent Republican - Barry Goldwater was a good Republican, for example.