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30 days post estw

Posted by Lori S. on 10/30/04 at 02:47 (162476)

Well, I have gone a month since having ESTW. The first two weeks were okay, actually really wonderful, but it seems that with each day, it was a little worse. Then at 3 weeks post, there was a big change. (Though, the doctor/ estw tech told me often there is a calm before the storm, so I was not completely surprised.) I have been taking it easy on my feet, really doing as little as possible. I have even given in to riding the carts at the store, because being on the cement floors I have determined will put me at a level 10 of pain in just 15 to 20 minutes. The last 6 days (24 through 30) I have had a significant increase in pain. I cannot be on my feet more than an hour, sometimes less ( this is not an hour straight, that would definately be a no-no). I feel like I am regressing, losing ground. The pain was incredible the last two nights, leaving me sleepless even with pain medication - massage was the only thing to help at this point. Here is what I have found is most important to me right now:
1 - Stay off my feet, only being on them as much as I absolutely have to, and I havent been barefoot in a couple years now.
2 - take pain medication before im crawling out of my skin (it says its easier to treat pain before its bad on the info - and I am really believing that now)
3 - massage, and massage more, I dont know why, but massage really helps with the pain, thank God, my hubby is such a good guy.
4 - heat, I have actually found alternating between moist heat, and dry heat helps the most, at least as of late.
5 - sleep with a pillow under my feet, I dont know why, but this helps with the pain.
6 - continue to stretch, only as I feel I am able, I dont want to re-injure anything. But I have noticed my tendons are tighter. (night splints are on the way, maybe this will help too)
7 - visit heelspurs.com, see that I am not the only person suffering with this, having people to relate to, talk to, because I dont think until you have dealt with this, you really understand it.

Sometimes I just cry, especially when I have to stand, I literally shake because the pain is so bad sometimes. And at these times when I am in such pain, I have started crawling again, because I am afraid of the pain.(This is usually only by evening/night) It is at these times when I remind myself it could be worse too, my best friend has degenerative disc disease, shes 30 years old and wouldnt be able to move if she didnt live on pain meds.

I decided to ... post like this, thinking maybe someone will relate, or find something that might help them. Kinda like a jornal of my post estw. Everyone will not have the same reactions/healing times with ESTW. I know I wanted as much info as I could find before having it done. Hoping that one day, soon it might be a more positive note. One day, I will walk around the block again with my kids, I miss that.

I have been asked, Would I do it again?... I would. I am having bad days recently, but there have been good, and I still have several weeks to see improvement. Before ESTW, I was drugged up on pain meds to get through a day. My quality of life is better than it was before ESTW. I didnt develop this overnight, and it will take longer than overnight to fix it.

BTW, Someone had mentioned a Pilates video they were doing, if you read this, could you post which one it was again. I want to try something new, as we all know, its easier to snack, and harder to lose when you cant/ or dont want to walk....
Hugs and wishes,,,,,,for a more peaceful day tomorrow,

Re: 30 days post estw

Tina H on 10/30/04 at 08:01 (162482)

Lori- Sorry you've had some setbacks. I feel for you! It's still early so keep doing what you're doing and let us know how you make out. I'm at 13 weeks now, and while I am doing fairly well I still have days where the pain is bad and my foot still hurts everyday, although some days I do get half a day pain free. I'm losing faith that I'll ever be completely cured. This is something to live with I guess. Just trying to manage it so it's not too bad. Continue to keep us posted.

Re: 30 days post estw

Monika on 10/30/04 at 09:09 (162487)

Hi Lori. I had a successful eswt this last summer. I was in pain at 30 days, great the first week, and then it came back on as before. I was very gentle with my feet for at least 3 months. I did Winsor Pilates for exercise and sometimes a recumbent bike. It helped to feel like I wasn't totally sitting around ALL the time...I'm not a doctor, but I wonder if the heat is a positive thing. My dr. told me NO ice or heat until much later in the process, and no med. as well. Now, 6 months or so later I do ice/heat, but I definitely didn't do that before. My dr. said especially heat may make me feel worse. Just a thought...I feel for you...don't lose hope!

Re: 30 days post estw

Lynn F. on 10/30/04 at 13:35 (162522)

I reached 4 weeks yesterday so I can really your post. I think you will find the night splint to be very helpful. I've had mine for 2 weeks and it's made a tremendous difference, especially with morning pain. Thought I might have trouble sleeping with it but it's not too bad. My brother-in- law insisted I try Johnson foot soap in my hot soaks. He swears by the stuff. I was miserable a week ago but the soaks and night splint I am rallying back (week 5 is just around the bend though) =:0

Feel better!


Re: 30 days post estw

Lynn F. on 10/30/04 at 13:36 (162523)

Lori - I meant to say.. I can really appreciate your post.

Re: 30 days post estw

Lori S. on 10/31/04 at 00:15 (162588)

Thanks Monika.... My doctor said heat is fine, but heat could make it hurt more. So far this has only helped. I am not taking anti-inflamatories, but there are nights I would love to. The day I went off anti-inflamatories I was a basket case. I didnt think I would survive that... but lol i did. I am trying to be positive. three days with little sleep makes it hard.. I am happy to see you are doing so well...... thanks for your input....

Re: 30 days post estw

Lori S. on 10/31/04 at 00:18 (162590)

Well, the splints are on the way... maybe it will help. The first two weeks were like heaven.... this last week has been bad. I really dont know how people go to work. I can hardly walk.. thankfully I am lucky enough to stay home. I hope you continue to improve..... gotta get the night splints and try that as well.... might even try the johnsons soap....... I have tried stranger things.... LOL
best wishes,

Re: 30 days post estw

Lori S. on 10/31/04 at 00:25 (162592)

Tina, Just curious, what had you tried previous to ESTW?.... I am happy, I know right now its just bad, but it will improve. I have had some good days. Before estw I lived on vicoprofen, and had casts put on every week. But, now when the pain comes on, it is worse than before, and different. hopefully this rough week will end. I was just wondering, if at 6 months you feel you have had some improvement, would you do it again? They say sometimes it takes two sessions. Guess its all about time, I really appreciate your input.
to a painfree tomorrow,

Re: 30 days post estw

Tina H on 10/31/04 at 12:26 (162625)

Lorinda, Prior to ESWT I tried everything but night splints,PT and taping. Still don't do taping because the tape always seems to tug on the back of my heel. I have not tried foot trainers yet but that is next on my list, as well as finding a pool that I can go to in the winter, as swimming did feel good in the summer. There is some improvement in my heel pain but honestly don't know if it was the ESWT or the PT and night splints which I started after. I don't know about a second application. I don't think I will have it unless I get a second opinion and have some new xrays, mri as this was not done prior to ESWT. My intuition tells me that while my pf is a bit better the shock waves damaged something in my foot. Of course this may just be in my head but one thing I've learned in life is that my own gut instincts are rarely wrong. So I'll keep you posted, thanks for your intrest and hope you are doing better soon. By the way week 8 was a turning point for me. You'll be there soon! Tina

Re: 30 days post estw

Cathy G. on 11/01/04 at 08:48 (162673)

I am two weeks post estw, and am better in some ways, but still have a tearing pain in the front of my right heel. I tape, stretch, massage, wear different orthotics, and birks. at work (nurse-cant take off work). I have a night splint, but I get a sharp shooting pain that starts under the middle of the ball of my foot and shoots up to my 2nd and third toes, and keeps me from sleeping. Anyone else have this?