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TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Posted by Norm on 10/30/04 at 08:31 (162486)

I had tts surgery 3 weeks ago after suferring for many years with this pain. Now i have extreme burning & numbness in my arch area & it goes up into the big toe. Also I feel like I am walking on acorns on several areas of my foot. Almost feels like there are bruises on the bottom of my feet. Doc says all is fine & this is part of the healing process. I am still haveing trouble just walking around the house. I am wondering if I did the right thing?? Worried?? Anyone have any thoughts?


Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Camilla on 10/30/04 at 12:27 (162518)

I wouldn't be worried. I had th surgery about a week and a half ago and I have been reading on TTS for months. This is supposed to be normal. The healing time is longgg unfortunately and I am sure it ranges from person to person. I am just told to have patience so I try. I have been pretty fortunate in regards to pain and discomfort. My problem is more with the swelling. Remember you just have to take your time and don't rush things. Good luck!!!! :-)

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Norm on 10/30/04 at 13:11 (162521)

That is what everyone says. My doc said two-three weeks is about average & I am at just over three weeks & feel like I have such a long way to go. Thanks for letting me vent. Good luck to you also

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Darlene on 10/30/04 at 15:35 (162552)

Did they have to do any work on the nerve itself or did they just release the ligament? If a lot of nerve contact was involved, the nerve may be angry. Your pain seems to be in the distribution of the posterior tibial nerve. It branches into the calcaneal nerve (heel)and the medial plantar nerve.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Ann L on 10/30/04 at 15:41 (162555)


You are still very early in the healing process, 3 weeks isn't very long post-op. The pain and burning you are feeling could possibly be related to the nerve 'waking up'. After being compressed for so long, your nerve starts to function better, but at first it is going to hurt. And the longer the nerve was compressed, the more 'alive' it feels after surgery and it may hurt a little longer. This should eventually subside. I don't have a time frame to tell you, everyone is different. I think it is a good sign that your nerve is alive and awake now, because with me it took a bit longer, and the pain has taken longer to go away. Realistically, my doc and several posters here say that the healing process can continue for a year to 18 months or so. Don't let that discourage you, just be aware that even if it hurts for a while, it should get better with time. Are you taking anything to help with the pain? If not, you should ask your doctor for something to help you through.

As far as having trouble walking around, at 3 weeks, I was only allowed minimal walking and only in walking boots (I had both feet done at the same time) that allowed no movement of my ankles. When I was resting, I could take them off and move my ankles freely. Of course, each doctor has different methods they follow, and what you are allowed to do after surgery varies. But, I wouldn't be worried at 3 weeks that it is difficult to walk on your surgical foot.

I wish you luck and speed in your recovery!


Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Geri on 10/30/04 at 18:20 (162568)

Norm: I had tts surgery and had three incisions. This seems to be standard for Dr. Dellon trained Doctor's. This was a year ago, and I'm probably at 65-70 percent now. I kept a daily diary for the first 3 months after surgery and then every few days until 6 months postop. At three weeks I was having pains different places everyday in my foot as the nerves were waking up. I was walking very slow and used pain meds at bedtime. 'This is the time the patience needs to kick in'!! I wrote. You're right on achedule for the healing process. Hang in there, we're all here to answer questions, because all of our feet have been painfull one time or another. Post script: At 6 months post-op my plantar fac. in my other foot that I had had for over a year and the burning and aching of my arch were GONE!! Praise
God. I attribute this to my being off my feet so much. There is no other explanation that my Doctor can think of. So far I have not had to have the second surgery. What a miracle. Good luck to you, everyone is so different and responds so differently, I hope it is a fast journey for you.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Norm on 10/30/04 at 18:53 (162572)

Thanks to everyone for responding! It does make me feel so much better. I guess I was just not expecting all of this from the way the doc described it. God bless all of you

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Kim on 10/30/04 at 21:46 (162578)

Camilla, had Tss & deep peroneal nerve done Sept. 8th done, have my good days & bad days, today was not a good day,plus I have noticed the last couple of times it has rained they were my tougher days.Today the pain is definately like a 8 out of 10 & I have been trying to cut down on the pain pills but today had to take more. I was wandering if anyone has mentioned a pinching pain under the ankle bone (it is real bad after overdoing it). I walked on friday almost a mile, the doctor was pleased how well I am doing.I mentioned to him about the piching pain,also I mentioned the other sensations in my foot numbness at the top of my Big toe also, it always feels like at the bottom of foot someone has tied a string to tight from the big toe to the heel & when I am walking it is sore at the incision areas. Then you get the zingers occassionaly which will catch me by surprise. The dr. said I am going to feel all these different sensations for up to a year or so.Iam so glad there is this website.I just started taking Vitamin B12 pill, was reading up on that,but did not know how much of that to take ,have you heard anything about the vit.b12.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

denise g on 10/31/04 at 02:47 (162595)

i had tarsal tunnel surgery 4 weeks ago and still have a lot of pain wlaking, i walk like an old lady. incision site hurts the most, dr. said could take 3-6 months for full healing and that surgery is 80percent successful.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Geri on 10/31/04 at 06:07 (162601)

Denise g-Since I had my notes out for my recovery I counted the times I wrote 'I walk like an old lady'. I wrote that exact statement 5 times. Trust me it gets better and all of a sudden you will realize 'I coudn't do (this) 2 weeks ago'. (This being the slightest event like-walking to the car from the kitchen to the garage on your own-and then into a resturant from the car without any aids. I still remember that day!! I wrote this at 4 weeks post op.
Hang in there and have patience. Ask if you have questions, many of us have been there. Best of luck to you.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

denise g on 10/31/04 at 11:40 (162621)

Thank you for your response. I think I will start keeping a foot diary, I had done so before surgery and was sick of it , but I think it will help.
I have an important question, my 3' incision is still discharging a little blood 4 weeks after tarsal tunnel surgery. If I stay off it a few days it stops, then when I walk on it it starts. Drs. office doesn't seem concerned at all, says it could take awhile. I had seen my regular family dr. who seemed quite concerned but had no advice other than stay off it.
Did anyone else have this happen, where 4 weeks after surgery wound was still leaking. They told me to put silverdine cream on it. I thank you for your time as I am uite concerned and am calling dr. deland's office again tomorrow.

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Geri on 10/31/04 at 12:01 (162623)

Denise; I am not a Doctor, but I would advise you to get in a wheelchair in the house and get completely off of it for a few days. I cannot tell you the times I got in my wheelchair for a few days and only walked in my small bedroom on plush carpet and used my crutches to go to the bathroom and stood on my knees in a chair to brush my teeth and then sat at my vanity. This usually was due to walking to much. I borrowed the wc but insurance or medicare will rent you one. I took the feet holders off and buzzed around my kitchen and greatroom. This was so much help when I got in trouble. Keeping in touch with your Doctor is the best thing to do. I never had this problem, but you may be more mobile than I was. I would be more concerned if it did not stop when you got off of it, however, it will not hurt to call your Doctor. Good luck and keep in touch.

Re: Denise - It's a good time for you to plan "scar management"

Darlene on 10/31/04 at 12:18 (162624)


I hope your surgical wound heals nicely in the next little while.

I have read that once the wound heals it is important to prevent adhesions - i.e. scar tissue from adhering to the nerve. I think physiotherapists have experience in a certain kind of massage to break up scar tissue. Also, I posted some information from an osteopath about castor oil if you search my name.

How are your particular TTS symptoms now? Do you think the surgery resolved it?

Re: TTS surgery 3 weeks ago

Norm on 10/31/04 at 12:27 (162626)

Please keep a very close eye on the wound & keep checking your temperature to be sure no infection gets in. Seems to me like the docs should be more concerned than that. Something very similiar happened to my wife 6 years ago after hip surgery. Well the docs were not very concerned & shortly after she developed an infection that put her into Septic Shock where she passed away 4 days later. It was a terrible nightmare. So to everyone out there be aware of how easy an infection can set in.