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Re: other pain on side of foot

Posted by JxT on 10/31/04 at 06:57 (162602)

I've been diagnosed w/ PF a few months ago and changed shoe type and bought arch supports... am a little disappointed that my weight was not mentioned as a factor or suggestions of calf stretching, given. My real concern is that the second pain I described which is on the side of my foot... I have high arches and it is on the inside area, was completely dismissed by the Dr. The only pain he believed I had was on the bottom of my foot. I can feel the mass there but, the side pain is even worse and comes and goes no matter what I am doing. Any one else w/ more than bottom of the foot pain?

Re: other pain on side of foot

Tina H on 11/01/04 at 11:24 (162693)

Hi I developed a pain on the side of my foot and it turned out to be tendonitis. A slight adjustment to my orthotic took care of it in no time. Apparently this is a common compensation injury in pf patients. Don't know if this is what you have, just a thought. Tina